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  • チューリッヒ発ピラトゥス山へ夏の日帰り旅行
  • ピラトゥス山の山頂へ空中ケーブルカーとゴンドラに乗りましょう
  • 山頂をハイキングして、世界一急勾配の歯車登山鉄道で降ります
  • ルツェルン湖のボートクルーズが付いています
チューリッヒの中心部でお出迎えします。快適なエアコン付きバスでルツェルンに移動してください。バスからは美しい景色を眺めることができます。バスから降りた後は、歴史的な名所をゆっくりと散策していただけます。イエズス会教会やカペル橋などの名所を訪れてください。 フィーアヴァルトシュテッテ湖、または瀬死のライオン像へ行く途中で、写真撮影に適した停留所に止まります。自由時間に街を散策しながら、リラックスした時間をお過ごしください。それからバスに戻り、次の目的地に向かいます。





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, 10 2018

This tour was amazing. Not only do you go to the top of Mt. Pilatus, which has amazing views, on your way there you stop at Lucerne for a brief tour and around 46 minutes of free time. Then you make your way to Mt. Pliatus. We took the cable car up and the steep train down. It was unreal.Then we took about an hour cruise on Lake Lucerne.

It was an amazing tour worth every penny. The highlight of my trip and something I would do a second time.

, 9 2018

Omg!! This was the best tour ever!!! A little bit of everything in this tour. We left this one for the last day and was great because it was very little walking!!! Mt pilatus is beautiful and the experience of riding up and the down on the incline train is great. Then finally a ferry ride down the lake was breathtaking. I would recommend tgis tour 100%

, 9 2018

Trudy, our tour guide, was not as good as previous guides on our tours. We took this same tour a few years back and the tour guide was excellent. Trudy did not communicate very well with the group in terms of logistics, nor did she provide the level of detail on historical facts that we received with our prior tour guide. Ernesto, the bus driver, seemed rather grumpy and unapproachable. Otherwise, the scenery was lovely.

, 8 2018

Somehow we did everything on my bucket list in one day! The staff is was personable and very professional

, 8 2018

This was a great tour. The experience was definitely worth every cent. The tour guide was knowledgeable everything was explained clearly and every expectation was met and beyond. Would highly recommend this tour as not only do you get to see some great scenery the cable car and train ride was amazing and to finish off with a ferry ride was just the sugar on the top.

, 7 2018

We recomend this travel, due the fantastic service and beautiful places.
Zurich and Lucern are extraordinary citis, however the cost for everything is too high.

, 7 2018

Our guide gave us great information throughout the entire bus ride. Enjoyed the day trip, however would have appreciated more time at Lucerne, because I felt rushed. Trip to Mount Pilatus was extraordinary. At first it was very cloudy but it cleared up and the views from up there were amazing. Enough time to go through the caves, have a quick bite to eat, stay on the panorama deck and even walk up higher through the stairs. Would highly recommend it. Also, the boat ride on Lake Lucerne was extraordinary. The trip down from Mount Pilatus to Lake Lucerne with the cogwheel train was magnificent.

, 6 2018

In Switzerland, any mountain with elevation above 3000 meters will be covered by snow year around. Pilatus's elevation is about 2000 meters, it is not too code at the top of the mountain. The view is fabulous. Tour is great. we took cable cars on the way up to the mountain and took train back to the bottom and then took cruise back to Lucern.

, 5 2018

It was so amazing! We got to visit the main attraction places from Lucerne to Mt. Pilatus.... and even visited Swiss Chocolate Shop..plenty of time shopping....
We got to ride the AERIAL GONDOLA, WORLD STEEPEST CABLE RIDE and BOAT RIDE across Lake Lucerne.
I love this trip.
Being on top of Mt. Pilatus is something I've only dreamt of doing and it became reality.

, 11 2017

Rose Marie (spelling?), our tour guide for the day trip to Mt. Pilatus, was cheerful and knowledgeable. The trip, with transfers among multiple conveyances (bus, gondola, cableway, cogwheel rail, and boat) required Rose Marie to herd her charges (that would be us) in a timely manner without losing anyone. The little flag she waived above her head really helped.

The weather we had that day was spectacularly clear—old hat for desert rats like us from the American southwest—but unusual for Europe, making for excellent viewing and photography of this spectacular mountain landscape. The bus ride through the Swiss countryside with its neat farms and picturesque villages was an unexpected plus.

Thanks again to Rose Marie, we could not have had a better guide!

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