チューリッヒ, スイス

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チューリッヒ発の日帰り旅行で、まるで絵画のようなルツェルンの美を発見しましょう。ルツェルン湖の光る湖面を、静かにボートでクルーズします。 アルビスパス山脈の壮大なパノラマに夢中になりましょう。少しの間、歴史に富んだ街を自由に探索しましょう。 ガイド付き観光ツアーでルツェルンの魅惑的な過去を探索し、専門家のガイドによる解説に耳を傾けてください。この魔法の旅はチューリッヒからの往復輸送なので、便利にお楽しみいただけます。
  • 市内ツアーとルツェルン湖クルーズを含む、チューリッヒ発ルツェルン日帰り旅行
  • アルビス峠を通り、4つの森の州の湖を通過します。
  • 市内ツアーでカペル橋や瀬死のライオン像などのルツェ​​ルン観光スポットの歴史が学べます。
  • ルツェ​​ルンを見学するのに十分な自由時間を楽しめます。
  • ルツェルン湖の観光クルーズで湖畔の景色と山の眺めを鑑賞できます。
ルツェルンの有名なカフェの1つで数時間ゆったり過ごしましょう。 賑やかなカフェ文化で有名なこの街は、アロマな飲み物と伝統的なスイスのランチを頂くのに最適な場所です(実費になります)。



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, 8 2018

Awesomely beautiful city not to be missed. The ride through the countryside is a great start to the day. We enjoyed walking all over the city as it is very clean and quaint. Beautiful lake Lucern on the boat was a highlight of the day. Lovely places along the river to rest with a cold beverage and to have an excellent meal. We enjoyed the tour thoroughly.

, 7 2018

This tour was not worth the money and everything could have been done more efficiently a la carte. Tour leaves from Zurich HB at 0930 and takes 2 hours to make a 45 minute drive to Lucerne because the tour bus was doubled up with another tour going to a different destination. After a long drive of dropping off another tour, there was about 10 minutes of actual tour guide information and then we are dropped off at a gift shop in Lucerne and told to meet back near Lucerne train station at 5:50 pm. It would have been much better to just take train from Zurich to Lucerne (45 minutes), buy the boat excursion a la carte and then not have to worry about return time. The value-add for being on the tour was very minimal and quite the opposite, much better to do this adventure on your own. The bus was packed, the guide was pretty uninspiring, and the stress for timing was not worth the hassle. Please consider just unbundling and doing this itinerary on your own and you will enjoy the day much more!

, 5 2018

Excellent tour.Very comfortable and scenic too.

, 12 2017

My friend and I who took this trip felt it was a complete rip off. We paid more for this trip than any other viator trip we have taken and this was our least favorite trip. I was incredibly disappointed. Details were left out of the description of this trip that would have altered our decision to take it. We arrived at the bus, which to our surprise, had 3 tour groups on it. This was never explained to us. We drove for about 45 minutes and then were dropped off in Lucerne for an 8 hour day there with no guide. Lucerne is a beautiful city but we felt we were stranded there for 8 hours with nothing to do. We took the boat tour which was nice but only took up an hour of our time. It was a complete waste of our day in Switzerland. I wish we had found a different tour to go on. I think much clarification is needed for the tour description and I would not recommend this tour to anyone. You're better off paying the extra 100 to stay on the bus and travel with the group to the other stops!

, 12 2017

Conrad was very explanatory and punctual as a tour guide. Highly recommended and plenty of time to tour the sites in Lucerne.

, 11 2017

This was no fault of Viator but the day we had scheduled the trip it was overcast and drissiling. Luckily the cruise was operating anyway, We didn't get to see much of the Alps as a result but the audio was interesting. The rest of the day was on our own and we had the time to leisurely walk around the city, which is beautiful. If you're looking for an independent excursion, you will like this one. The departure point is well marked to return back to your originating city and it's only an hour away from Zurich.

, 11 2017

A wonderful trip which gave us ample time to explore the old city and interesting small shops in Lucerne. The lake cruise was also pleasant and we could do it in our own time. The tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and provided clear instructions on where we should meet etc. She really made the trip special.

, 10 2017

I really enjoyed this day trip as such because we had more free time to explore Lucerne on our own. I like guided tours for the most part, but many times find that we don't spend enough time at some locations. This was a perfect way to get a feel and flavor of the city at our own pace and then meet the bus to go back to Zurich. The Lake Lucerne cruise was lovely although it was a bit overcast. I recommend this option for those who prefer to explore a city on their own.

, 10 2017

Lucerne is a lovely tourist city and we enjoyed walking through the city buying souvenirs and seeing the sights. The Lake Lucerne Cruise was scenic and relaxing. The guide could have given us more information about Lucerne on the way to and from Lucerne .If you are adventurous, I would encourage you to take a train from Zurich to Lucerne in stead of this trip. it is cheaper and you can stay as long as you want on your won schedule.

, 9 2017

The overall trip was great with plenty of time in Lucerne to do what you wanted. The commentary on the cruise was interesting but I would have liked to boat to have got closer to the lakes edge on occasions to allow for better photography.

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