Luang Prabang, ラオス人民民主共和国

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10時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


  • パークウー洞窟とクアンシーの滝を訪れる1日ツアー
  • 田舎の村を訪れて、先住民たちの生活を目にすることができます
  • 仏像に溢れたパークウー洞窟内部を訪れます
  • 昼食付き
  • プライベートツアーはお客様のグループとガイド兼ドライバーのみで実施します
  • クアンシーの滝でのピクニックランチをお楽しみください



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, 3 2018

The trip up the Mekong to the caves was amazing as was the stop off on the local village on the way
The waterfall was beautiful
We had a wonderful guide

, 2 2018

Only tour I found that went to both the Pak Ou Caves and the Kuang Si Falls in the same day. Both places are highly recommended. Hour and a half leisurely boat trip to and from the caves, but was very soothing and relaxing. Thoroughly enjoyed our day. Guide was outstanding!!

, 1 2018

Ok but at 325 for 4 people it was just far too expensive. We had limited tim.e and did not want to be looking up tour companies when our
Fiends joined us to make up a foursome.So, we booked via aviator. We could and should have booked any one of the many tours available locally or booked via our hotel and saved a round half of aviator price. Expensive lesson but. Do not use Viator - it's close to a rip off

, 1 2018

Viator is only the middle man, liaising customers and local travel agencies, through the web. Our booking was made on the web 48 hours before departure. With a confirmation, we waited at the agreed time 8am and place written on the voucher. It was only when no local guide turned up after 1.5 hours of the agreed time that we realized how desperate one could be. Booking these kinds of tours on web with absolutely no contact phone number of any local agencies provided on the voucher could make one furious. The only contact was an email address and a hotline that goes to the United States, with, of course, no one answering the calls. We wrote several emails on spot while waiting for a local guide to turn up, complaining about the no-show of the local guide. And of course until now, which is already 10 days after the tour, no respond was received.

I surely do not recommend anyone joining the Viator. Local tours in Laos are easily available at less than half the cost charged by Viator. This tour that goes Pak Ou Caves and Kuang Si Fall cost approximately 20 US dollars if you go to any local agency at Luang Prabang. Don't fall into the Viator trap!

, 12 2017

This tour was great! Our guide was very professional and spoke English well. He really went the extra mile to make us see the many things along the way and really offered some quality information on the history of Laos and the way of life...

, 8 2017

Good Tour and Very Good Guide Bounsene

, 7 2017

This tour was fbulous and I would totally recommend it. The luang si falls are stunning and shouldn't be missed. The boat ride to the caves in relaxing and the guide was really nice and very knowledgeable. Overall a really nice day out!

, 3 2017

Great tour and super nice guide. The caves were awesome.

, 2 2017

This was a great tour and the Guide was very informative and his english was also very good

, 7 2016

Thank you Mr Vong and Mr Toni from Bravo Indochina for turning a potentially disastrous trip into one of our most beautiful ones. Our 3 yr old was unwell and hence we were going to cancel. However, Mr Vong customised the day for us so that we could still enjoy some beautiful sights. While we could not do the caves, we were able to see the Kuang Si falls and enjoy a Mekong river sunset cruise. Kuang Si is a must see though a bit crowded as it was a local holiday. The river cruise was amazing as we felt that we saw Mekong at its prettiest here we caught it in Cambodia and Vietnam too, but trust me, its beautiful and serene in LP. Thank you Mr Vong for taking such good care of us.

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