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  • ウィーン発ザルツブルクへの日帰り旅行
  • 車窓から世界遺産ヴァッハウ渓谷、ザルツカンマーグートの絶景を堪能しよう
  • ザルツブルクでは大聖堂とモーツァルトの生家の見学をお忘れなく
  • 「サウンド・オブ・ミュージック」劇中の「ドレミの歌」の舞台となった三ラベル宮殿および庭園をチェック
  • ザルツブルク旧市街での自由時間にはショッピングも良し、食べ歩きも良し、ブラブラ散策も良し
  • ウィーン中心部ホテルからの往復送迎が含まれています
  • 音声ガイド付き、エアコンが効いたミニバンあるいはバスで移動
ウィーン中心地のお客様宿泊ホテルに早朝お迎えに上がった後、オーストリアの中心地を離れてザルツブルクに向けて西へ移動します。ドナウ川沿いのユネスコ世界遺産に登録されているヴァッハウ渓谷 (メルクのベネディクト修道院で有名な場所) の丘陵地帯やぶどう園を通って、ガイドからその地域に関する説明を聞きます。

停車して朝食を取り (自費)、もうひとつのユネスコ世界遺産登録の景色、 サウンド・オブ・ミュージック の主役となった山や湖に囲まれたザルツカンマーグート地方へと続いて移動します。湖や村々を堪能し、その地域の歴史についての興味深い話を聞き、その後正午頃にザルツブルクに到着します。

ガイドと一緒にユネスコの保護下にある旧市街を歩き、大聖堂、モーツァルテウム大学、聖ペーター墓地 (1960年代のミュージカルでフォン・トラップ一家が隠れたことで有名な列柱のあるところ) などの史跡を見学します。


サウンド・オブ・ミュージック の有名な「ドレミの歌」のシーンの背景となったミラベル宮殿とその庭園を見て、 ここから町に暗い影を落としている丘の上の要塞ホーエンザルツブルク城までの景色を楽しみます。

約1.5時間のツアーの後は、2時間ほど自由に個人個人で回ります。 石畳の路地を詳細に巡って買い物したり、遅めの昼食を楽しんだり (自費)、もっと観光したり、モーツァルトの家や聖ペーター僧院教会を訪ねたりしてみてはどうでしょうか。




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, 1 2019

The excursion was excellent but would suggest that the trips will be in small groups in mini van as to arrive at the hotel it took us 6hrs! But the experience again was great

, 1 2019

We allowed an extra day whilst in Vienna to do this day trip. We have previously done this trip before, and scheduled it in for a lovely relaxing drive from Vienna to Salzburg. We were picked up at our hotel in a mini bus. We had a few stops along the way, which broke the journey. Although our guide was a little hard to understand, we had an enjoyable day. We went on a Sunday and many shops were closed, but the Christmas markets were just beautiful. It is lovely just to wander around Salzburg in the free few hours we had there. This trip is a worthwhile day trip from Vienna, as it is also a part rest day driving to and fro, if you have a busy active travel schedule as we had! Salzburg is a must to visit if you can.

, 12 2018

The tour is good but I accept more from the tour guide.Salzburg its a wonderful place to see all that beautiful mountains and excellent panoramic view

, 11 2018

A pleasant enjoyable day trip. Our tour guide Robert was very knowledgeable that was very well demonstrated during the day.

, 10 2018

Salzburg is beautiful and worth the visit. Our guide picked us up and dropped us off at our door. He was very knowledgeable and fun! On the way up we also stopped at a fabulous rest area that served fresh baked everything! I would recommend this tour!

, 10 2018

The ride was smooth and we saw great areas. What a beautiful city and town old and new. We had enough time on our own, I recommend this tour. Worth the money.

, 10 2018

Our Viator tour guide Robert was informative but talks a bit fast and seemed like he was rushing all the time. We were picked up at our hotel @ 7am. We stopped by a store/restaurant for 1/2 hr. Arrived Salzburg @ 12 pm. From the bus drop off we started the walking tour to Old Town. We were not given a restroom break during the walking tour so some had to find a restroom and fell behind on the tour. There were no headphones or whispers provided so that we can hear the guide clearly. Was hoping that the bus ride would have been more interesting, like they should have played "Sound of Music" songs or something. We walked for about 1 or so and then was given time to eat lunch and re-group @ 3:45 to go back to Vienna.

, 10 2018

Salzburg is a must visit place. It is full natural beauty. This place has a history. Lot of places of attraction. Mozart's birth place, museum, funicolor.

, 9 2018

Hotel pickup and small group (8 people) were much appreciated. Informative (if occasionally inaccurate, factually) tour with plenty of time to explore on your own. Both Old and New Town Salzburg are beautiful and well worth the visit.

, 9 2018

This was a really good tour. The van was comfortable except for a passenger who kept singing in his native language. Because it was snowing pretty hard, we weren't able to go on the scheduled walk however, we bought some umbrellas at a gift shop and did our own walk with the assistance of our smartphone GPS. Found all the places the tour was going to show us plus a wonderful restaurant for lunch. Salzburg is a beautiful town.

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