Cabo San Lucas, メキシコ

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ロス・カボス空港からの往復送迎は、ストレスなく流れるように滞在先のホテルまでお送りしますので、安心してロス・カボスに到着してください。 エアコン付きの自動車に乗り、直接ホテルまで安全運転で移動して、混雑するタクシー待ちの行列と複雑な公共交通機関からおさらばです。
  • サン・ホセ・デル・カボ国際空港とロス・カボス地域のホテルを結ぶ往復送迎サービス
  • ストレスを感じることなく休暇の始まりと終わり迎えられるサービスをご利用ください
  • 便利で信頼できる送迎サービスを利用すれば、空港で長蛇の列にならぶこともありません
  • 経験豊富で親しみやすいドライバー
ロス・カボス(サン・ホセ・デル・カボ)国際空港に到着次第、到着ロビーにて自分の荷物を回収し、礼儀正しい運転手にご挨拶しましょう。 こちらの便利な空港往復送迎を利用して、紛らわしい公共交通機関の移動とタクシーを待つストレスからおさらばです。 運転手が直接ホテルまでお送りしますので、エアコン付きの自動車の座席に座ってくつろいでください。


  • サン・ホセ・デル・カボ(ゾーン1)
  • コレドール・ツリスティコ(ゾーン2)
  • サンルーカス岬(ゾーン3)



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, 1 2019

Rides were on time and efficient; we are pleased! We would use this service again. The van was new and in good condition.

, 1 2019

In short, I ALWAYS use Viator when traveling for all my traveling needs. Always on time and professional.

, 12 2018

Make sure you walk all the way out of the terminal to the farthest set of vans, it took us a little while to find them. Van was clean and timely on the way there. The pickup was scheduled and he was a little late picking us up, did not miss our flights because the airport was fast.

, 10 2018

We waited 20 minutes in the hot sun upon arrival.On the day of departure, the driver would not wait 5 minutes as I was sick in the bathroom. I tried calling the local number but it didnt work. I sent an email but have yet to get a response from anyone.

, 10 2018

Everything went great! So pleased with this service. Will def use again!! They were right on time and waiting for us!

, 9 2018

These folks were great.. efficient and on time. You could probably get a better price but you have to listen to the schpeels as they pounce at you in the arrival hall in San Jose airport... worth it for us

, 9 2018

Transportation to and from the airport was just fine. The communication with the Gray Line Representative at the hotel could have been better. Waited 4 days to get a confirmation for transport back to the airport on departure day....and I had to go and fight for it. Overall okay but will not book again.

, 8 2018

We arrived at the pickup location and was greeted by the Viator/Gray Line representative who advised we would be departing shortly. After 30 minutes and no update regarding departure status, I questioned representative and was told as soon as arriving passengers were there we would be departing. After more than 45 minutes in direct sunlight with no covering or protection from the sun, we departed for the resort. No apologies or complimentary beverage(s) were offered. The return travel from the resort to the airport was uneventful. The driver was on time, courteous, and an enjoyable ride to the airport.

, 7 2018

We easily found them outside the terminal by walking straight out. Avoid anyone that you see between getting off the plane and the the outside of the airport. We had a slight delay as we waited for the remainder of the people riding the transfer. From there was quick trip to the hotel in the Tourist Corridor. The driver dropped us off first and helped unload our luggage. Our pickup five days later was just as uneventful. The driver showed up a few minutes early and the drive to the airport was uneventful. He dropped us off right in front of the terminal. I will definitely use them the next time we are in Cabo.

, 3 2018

Once we left the baggage area we went outside and a representative of Grayline found us. Since this is a shared van, we had to wait until they collected other passengers going in the same direction. This was a small wait, maybe half an hour. We were taken to our hotel in a newer air conditioned van. I shopped around and this was the best price that I found. Our return to the airport was also smooth. We called a few days before to reconfirm. They picked us up on time. I will use and recommend again.

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