ロンドン, イギリス

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ロンドンからストーンヘンジ、ウィンザー城とバースを訪ねる日帰り旅行です。街を後にし、エアコン付きのバスで900年にわたって英国王室の住まいとして使用されてきたウィンザー城へ向かいます。豪華な装飾の儀式用広間と聖ジョージ礼拝堂をツアーガイドと一緒に見学し、その後古代の石群ストーンヘンジが待つソールズベリーへ旅を続けます。美しいジョージ朝の街、バースを訪れ、ローマン バスを見学し、街を概観するツアーをガイドと愉しんだ後はロンドンへ戻ります。

続いて、緩やかに起伏した緑豊かな平野であるウィルトシャーの風景を抜けてストーンヘンジに向かいます。ストーンヘンジは5000年前に、このソールズベリー近くの人里離れた平野に持ち込まれた石の一群です。この古来のストーンサークルは今でも強い霊的意味を持つ場所であり、毎年多くの人々が訪れ、その心を捉え続けています。とはいえ、この地にこのような石が置かれた理由や、どのような目的を果たすのかは依然として謎のままです。ですからこの場所をのんびりと散策し、長い年月を経た岩群がいつのまにかここに存在していた理由をご自分なりに解釈して下さい。また、ビジターセンターで見聞を広め、この神秘的な場所である遺跡の歴史を学びましょう。訪問中は、このツアー限定の無料のインタラクティブな地図と個人用の VOX ヘッドセットがご利用になれます。

次に、バスに戻ってバースに向かいます。洗練されたジョージ朝建築で有名なバースは、英国で指折りの美しい都市と広く認められています。ガイドの案内でバースのパノラマツアーへ出かけ、町の美しい通りや路地を大いに楽しみ、所々でこの街をカメラに収めましょう。バース寺院やフィレンツェのベッキオ橋をモデルにした絶好の撮影ポイントであるパルトニー橋を訪ねます。当ツアーでは市内で最も有名なローマン バスを見学します。これは極めて保存状態の良い古代ローマの公衆浴場跡です。

バースで過ごす時間が終わりを迎えたら、ロンドンのビクトリア コーチステーションに戻り、そこで日帰り旅行は終了です。



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, 1 2015


, 1 2019

David our guide and Mark our driver were fantastic! We had such a great day! Winsor Castle was closed so we got to see a bit of the town and the outside of the castle. Stonehenge and Bath tours were great!

, 1 2019

This tour is for those who just want to see and look at Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath. There is no time to savor the visits if you are one who wants to really experience each area. You literally have to walk fast, for example at Windsor, we only had 40 mins to “enjoy” and there are no picture taking allowed inside the premises. Imagine if picture taking is allowed, you wouldn’t really have time.You have to move fast or else your bus will leave you behind. You need to obey the time set by the guide. I think we had 2 people who didnt show up at the set time so they were left behind.Also, they advertise that there is free wifi on the bus, but there is none. This made it difficult for us to communicate to others while travelling.Otherwise, it was an okay trip to see those 3 sights.You need to come back again to savor those areas.

, 1 2019

Loved all the places on this trip but if you want to linger at any of them this trip is not for you. Was very fast paced and made for an extremely long day. If I had it to do over again I would have made the trip to Windsor on my own via the train from London and then went on a tour to Stonehenge and Bath as they are much further away and too difficult to do on your own. Also would be nice not to feel so rushed.

, 1 2019

Our tour guide lady Alex was awesome, friendly and extremely helpful! We are glad we were in her tour. Best tour guide We ever had.

, 1 2019

Our tour guide Phil was amazing, he was the best tour guide. we learnt so much, it was informative, fun and extremely interesting. Thanks Phil for making our day so enjoyable and memorable.

, 1 2019

Time to spend time was too short as the shuttle bus provide and with the post christmas crowd there was not enough time to spend at the site

, 12 2018

Just a great day with James,the guide and Brian, the driver. Both were professional and courteous. James got us to the front of the pack and we missed a ton of congestion. He was superior in knowledge, whit and humor. Wonderful day. Worth doing again.

, 12 2018

We had a great experience with Chris as our tour guide. We found the commentary informative and we were given plenty of time at each of the stops. Just make sure that you're back on the bus by the time the guide gives you or they will leave without you (didn't happen to us, but happened to a woman on our trip)! We chose not to do the tour inside the Roman Baths, because the town of Bath is fantastic and worth exploring.

, 12 2018

Great tour to see 3 amazing sites in England in 1 day. Even though a lot of time was spending riding place to place, our tour guide Phil was fantastic. He made the trip more enjoyable with his stories and insights about the sites as well as London. Would love to take another trip.

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