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ハリーポッターファンの皆さん!杖を取り、フクロウを連れ、ワーナー・ブラザーズ・スタジオ・ツアー・ロンドンの公式ガイドツアー、ホグワーツへの旅に出かけましょう! メイキング・オブ・ハリーポッターロンドンの中心部から電車に乗り、スタジオに向かいましょう。スタジオでは全8本のハリーポッター映画で使われたセットや小道具、コスチュームなどがあなたを待っていますので、映画の世界にどっぷりつかることができるでしょう。9番線とダイアゴン横丁からハグリットの家とダンブルドアの部屋まで、J・K・ローリングの
  • ワーナー・ブラザース スタジオツアー ロンドン メイキング オブ 「ハリー・ポッター」 ガイドツアー
  • セットの秘密と舞台裏の事実を専門のスタジオツアーガイドがお教えします。
  • グレートホール、ホグワーツエクスプレス、そしてイーロップふくろう百貨店を含む「ハリー・ポッター」映画8作品のセットと小道具をご覧下さい。
  • セントラルロンドンからの移動時間を節約、スタジオへ時間指定入場。
  • 優先再入場もでき、ガイドツアーの後は、心行くまでお楽しみ下さい。
  • ご都合に合わせてセントラルロンドンに戻れる鉄道乗車券が含まれています。



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, 1 2019

This was even better than expected. Our guide was fantastic and allowd us to get a close up to so many things, and being able to go back through was worth the extra.

, 12 2018

I love the insights behind the scene narration. Will be good to include the actual filming or we become the actor/actress behind the scene to make it more realistic and engaging ?

, 10 2018

Firstly: you are promised 5 hours, 1 hours transfer and 3 hours tour and 1 hours transfer. In reality you are supposed to meet e.g. 11.30 then the train leaves at 12. Then the bus, then the wait at the Warner studios, we started our tour at 2pm. So nothing has happened in over 2 hours since the beginning. The actual tour was super good, our guide Nicole was amazing. But we had to hurry a little bit since we had a time limit of 5 hours to be back in London. So in the website it should be stated clearly that this 5 hours does not include your own time if you want to spend in the interactive part of the tour of if the busses/train timetables do not fit. I think this takes at least 6 hours even if the timing is perfect.So after paying 300 euros for two persons, I was disappointed about the fact that we didn't have time to do everything we wanted. The place is also packed and a lot of lines. Our guide was able to get us past some but this is not always the case.

, 8 2018

Our guide was excellent, when Euston Station closed they had a coach waiting which got us there in record time as well as back. An all around lovely experience. Once in the studio we were handed over to official WB tour guides and received the full VIP experience.

, 8 2018

Even a non Harry Potter fan like myself who went there to accompany my 13 year old son has enjoyed this tour immensely. Our tour guide has provided a very informative and fun tour, it could have been even better if the majority of our non English speaking members could show more excitement !! I have no regrets paying such a premium for this tour as it allows you to re-enter without having to queue and there are so much to explore beyond the standard 3 hours tour. We spent almost 5 hours there, admiring the work of art and the attention to details of the Hogwart Castle is simply amazing! Just a tip :- the Butterbeer ice cream is much nicer than the Butterbeer!!

, 7 2018

This tour was amazing even for non-Harry Potter Fans! I highly recommend this tour for people of all ages!

, 7 2018

Only way to visit the studio unless you can snag a private tour. You beat all the crowds and can go back thru the studio once the tour is over to revisit your favorites.

, 7 2018

My niece is a huge Harry Potter fan (both the books and the movie) and this tour was definitely one of the highlights of our trip to England. Even if you have only seen the movies (or even if you haven't), you will marvel at the extraordinary amount of work and detail it took to make the Harry Potter world come alive. Despite her earlier protests about getting the guided tour, my niece thanked me afterwards for insisting that we splurge, as the guided tour provides details, information, and perks that you do not have access to if you just do a self-guided tour. Every step of the process was seamless -- the train, the bus, the tour. I would definitely recommend this experience.

, 7 2018
, 7 2018

Completely different experience. London had great behind the scenes experiences that you don't get at universal. Obviously no amusement rides in london. Worth it for any potter fan. Definitely recommend the VIP tour as there are many extras you don't get with general admission (skip at long line, repeat entry). Plan a full day if a true fan.

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