ラスベガス, ネバダ

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夜のとばりが下りると、街は活気づきます。ネオンがキラキラと眩しく光ります。ラスベガスの真骨頂です。悪名高いラスベガス・ストリップを行くと、噴水が踊り、火山が噴火しているのが分かります。ダウンタウンの中心に入ると、カジノ、ウェディングチャペル、歴史的有名建造物が見えます。歩いて冒険しましょう。ガイドが同行します。フレモント・ストリートが待っています。ウォーキングツアー中、いろいろなものを見て回れます。61ポンド(27.7kg)の金塊もあります!  ガイドと一緒に短いウォーキングツアーに参加したあとは、ダウンタウンのベストスポットへ出向きましょう:ライブエンターテイメント、ストリートアーティスト、コスチュームエンターテイナーをはじめ、世界的に有名なフレモント・ストリート・ライト&サウンド・ショーがあります。
  • バスでラスベガスを巡る3時間のナイトツアー
  • ザ・ストリップをバスで通り、ベラージオ、MGM・グランド、シーザース・パレスをご覧ください
  • ラスベガスの観光名所の面白い話に耳を傾けましょう
  • ライトアップされた噴水や他にも夜の光のショーを見ましょう
  • バスから降りてフレモント・ストリート・エクスペリエンスを楽しみましょう
  • 3つある出発時間と出発場所をお選びください




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, 10 2018

This bus tour was very well organized and offered some spectacular views of the city. We also had an opportunity to explore Freemont St. which was fantastic. This tour is highly recommended for those who want to experience the strip at night and learn more about the city's history.

, 10 2018

Bruce was awesome. very knowledgable and personable Quite a fun night tourthank you!!S from Canada

, 10 2018

We took 3 young grand kids on the night tour. Randy, the guide, was informative, had some good stories to tell, and had a great sense of humor. Some of the attractions......the Mirage volcano.....the Fremont Street Experience.....were too intense for the kids......ages 5 to 7. The other attractions had them in awe. Great way to see the strip at night in all of it's neon glory..

, 9 2018

Saw lots of sights on the tour but ended up taking a taxi back because I was unable to do the walking and wouldn't let me stay on the bus with my daughter for the hour on Fremont street. So if handicapped as far as walking suggest you don't take the tour.

, 9 2018

Very nice, the guide was funny and was very good. I loved downtown Vegas part of this tour, The tour was on time, enough room for everyone. Very nice tour.

, 9 2018

Miss T our tour guide was very entertaining.... loved the fremont experience and I learned a lot from the history of vegas

, 9 2018

Interesante tour, pero pudo haber sido mejor si se hubiese podido bajar en los hoteles más emblemáticos y verlos por dentro, aunque sea solo rápidamente. La guía del 22/08/2018 saliendo del Circus Circus fue muy buena guía y simpática. Sin embargo el guía del mismo día pero saliendo del Hotel The Linq, fue un poco grosero. (Debimos regresar en ese bus para el The Linq, ya que pensamos que nuestro bus hacia parada en dicho hotel).

, 8 2018

Went on this tour after our wedding. The staff were great. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable of Las Vegas history and provided her personal refreshing incite of the growing resort climate. I was concerned that maybe it would be too hot to enjoy an open outdoor tour in the evening. I saw a bank sign that read the temperature was 104. Did not feel like an Ohio 104 evening. There seemed to be a nice breeze on the upper deck of the bus. The lights seemed so close that you could reach out and touch them. Stopped at Fremont Street, great to see the other/older side of Vegas. We were there for a short time and didn't want to waste our time wondering around aimlessly lost. Great, affordable tour we recommend it highly. Tucker/Rothwell

, 8 2018

Le départ à 19h00 est trop tôt par rapport à la tombée de la nuit ..... le las Vegas By night avec toutes ses lumières n'est finalement visible qu'en fin de trajet .... dommage nous pensions nous en prendre plein les yeux .... un peu déçus au final .....

, 7 2018

Lots of fun. Learned some interesting facts about the original settlement of Las Vegas. Saw all the important sights. Our tour guide Kevin was excellent. Funny but very well informed.

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