京都, 日本

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clock-o4時間 (平均所要時間)


  • 京都4時間夕食付き文化パフォーマンス鑑賞
  • 舞踊、音楽、伝統的な人形劇など日本の芸能を味わいましょう
  • 地元のガイドによる情報の詰まった案内つき
  • 夕食では本物の日本料理の味を楽しめます
  • お茶会に参加しましょう
  • 全ての方にお楽しみいただける24名までの少人数グループツアーです






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, 8 2018

la découverte du riocan, le repas et la cérémonie du thé étaient très bien, La guide était parfaite , très agréable , cependant nous regrétons que le spectacle ne soit que superficiel, nous attendions un spectacle de maiko et sommes resté sur notre faim.

, 4 2018

The Gion by night tour was well done. We met at the New Miyako Hotel and took chartered taxis to Gion Corner. Gion Corner provided a sampling of six traditional Japanese performances. These included Bunraku, Maikos dancing and singing, the tea ceremony, a comedic play, traditional music and one other performance. The crowd was a little on the rude side they kept talking through the performances, but the sampling was very good, especially the Maikos and the comedic play. Unfortunately, at the beginning, three of the performances are done simultaneously which lessens what you see.

After the show, we had a walking tour of Gion and a vegetable tempura dinner at the inn which is famous for their tempura. I'm not a tempura person usually, let alone a vegetarian, but it was a very good meal. Afterwards, we got a tea ceremony at the inn and since the inn is a traditional Japanese inn, a tour of it as well. We then were given a taxi back to the hotel.

The tour guide was very knowledgeable and gave us interesting facts about Gion. A good night. The only thing I would change would be a non-vegetarian option.

, 2 2018

The show was great and informative, but show up early for good seats as they are not assigned! The dinner and tea ceremony is the highlight, stunning!

, 1 2018

The performance was wonderful. We enjoyed learning the different aspects of the Japanese culture. The dinner following was OK. I would suggest to attend the event and skip the meal.

, 1 2018

Highly enjoyable tour....To improve it I would suggest arranging a tour that had a guided walk followed by free time to explore the streets of Gion instead of the cultural show. The experience of dinner and the tea house was amazing but the Cultural show felt like a “tourist trap” .

, 11 2017

The Gion by Night tour was rather disjointed and beneath the experience we had with other Viator-booked tours with JTB Sunrise Tours. The tour began with a half dozen taxis ferrying the group to a traditional Japanese show, which was the highlight of this tour. Everything that followed was pretty awful, and in retrospect we should have left after the traditional show. We walked through dark alleyways to a ryokan for a traditional tea ceremony and dinner. The experience at the ryokan was rather poor, and the food was inedible. We wound up going out for dinner after this tour--not out of choice, but out of necessity. This tour was an awful waste of time and money.

, 11 2017

This tour was amazing!

, 10 2017
, 10 2017

Found this tour a little disorganized. Pick up by cab, travelling through city with a full cab to another hotel to pick up others that were late.
Being late, we were unable to sit as a group. Our seats were way at the back, couldn't see or hear anything much. The cultural show was one hour long with more than one act being preformed at the same time so couldn't follow each one properly. The tea ceremony would have been nice but a young child was in our group and spilled the tea etc so distracted the apprentice guide. The meal was tempura, miso soup, rice so rather common place. Our guide gave very little information as she was spending all her time rounded up the others.

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