Kuala Lumpur, マレーシア

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Time60分 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


  • ペトロナスツインタワーへの入場料
  • 86階の高さから街を一望できます
  • 事前予約で待ち時間を節約。列に並ぶ必要はありません
  • ご都合に合わせてスケジュールをお選び下さい
  • チケットはご宿泊ホテルへ配送いたします


日没時に訪問すると、暖かな光に照らされた街の風景を見ることができます。夜になると、きらびやかなスカイラインを望むことができます。 ペトロナスツインタワーの足下に広がるKLCCパークには、散歩道、遊び場、夜にライトアップされる噴水があります。 




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, 4 2018

The sky bridge is brilliant, you should do it.

, 3 2018

Great tour, tickets arrived as they said. To find the meeting point took a few asks of security, but no great problem!
We were in KL for only 2 days, and it rained in the afternoon/evening. Our trip was timed for sunset, in hindsight seeing the towers and the view would have been better in the morning

, 10 2017

A great way to arrange to get tickets for the Petronas Towers tour. Delivered directly to hotel reception a day before the trip.
Petronas Towers visits are well organised. Each 15 minute time slot is limited in numbers giving each person a great chance to fully see the view from the tower. First stop is the bridge between the towers. Guide explains the double decker bridge and mentions key facts about the towers and bridge. Open to questions either with the group or alone.
10 minutes is allotted to the bridge visit, which is more than enough time. Then upwards to the 86 th floor in the group and the tower view. Again good explanations and able to fully answer and questions, 20 minutes at this area with the viewing, models and interactive displays. Throughly recommend.

, 9 2017

After a tiring journey from the UK we were happily woken up with the petronas towers visit ,so glad to book in advance no queing for tickets and the trip started promptly at 3.00pm ,first was the photo stop ,then straight up to the bridge area where a young lady explained about the bridge and how it was built ,we were given time to explore and take photos ,then it was up once again to the highest viewing area fantastic views of KL there were plenty of imformation boards etc and plenty of time to view .All in all a good trip that definitely kept us awake can highly recommend. Pamela and Paul settle U.K.

, 9 2017

its a lovely city and very good visit to the towers for the price but I felt that we should have had more time to take it all in but overall its a must do

, 9 2017

Loved the service offered in KL by local agent Yettosee Asia Travel and Tours. They delivered my tickets to my accommodation in a timely fashion prior to my Tour and were even kind enough to message me and wish me a happy birthday.

, 8 2017

Very bad service. I plan the trip with my family since more than 1 year. And of course as the highlight of our holiday we want to catch the sunset on the last day of our trip at the Twin Towers. To catch the sunset on this day we booked the service with Viator for the 7pm slot, cause sunset was on this day 7:28pm. We booked this slot 3 month ago. Yes, you read correct: 3 month ago. One day before we got the tickets to the hotel, they contact us, that the 7pm slot is sold out. Only tickets for the 8pm left ... So what ? This of course destroyed our highlight of our vacation. We really upset and warning and not recommend to book this service ! Outstanding unprofessional.

, 8 2017

1 - I choose my time carefully when booking this to see the sun-set, but i wasn't given the time I chose and missed the sun-set i choose 7pm and got 7.20pm
2 There is no queue to skip - you go and buy a ticket a day or two before for an allocated slot - so this is misleading. In my opinion this is mis-selling the product as you pay a premium for nothing.
Go the day before and buy the tickets - there is no queue and its way cheaper, plus you can get the actual time you want!!

, 8 2017

Though it emphasizes on Skip-The-Line and charge a little extra here, there was hardly any queue on the Sunday eve that we actually did this tour. If you can reach the tickets counter 30 minutes in advance to your time slot, there won't be a Line to skip so no need to pay extra bucks here.

, 8 2017

Good experience and easy way to secure your tour. Tickets arrive at hotel a day before the visit.

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