Kraków, ポーランド

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2時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


  • 1.5時間ヴァヴェル城ガイド付きツアー
  • 数世紀にわたりポーランドの王が住んで戴冠した部屋や建物を歩けます
  • ユネスコにも登録されているお城の歴史を知識豊富なガイドから聞くことができます
  • 博物館ギャラリーで広範な芸術コレクションを見学できます
  • 優先入場で入り口の行列をスキップ
  • クラクフ必見の観光名所



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, 10 2018

I had purchased a Senior Citizen ticket for my mum. Before we embarked on the tour, the lady from the tour operator Discover Krakov asked me for proof of my mum's age. I told her I had left the passport in the hotel, which was 5 minutes away and I could get it at the end. She said it was alright. 15 minutes later when we walked up the hill to the castle to begin the tour, she asked for ID again, as if she expected it to suddenly appear and then charged full price for my mum who was clearly over 65. It is true that I should have brought my mum's passport but if the agent form Discover Krakov had told me to get them when we were first waiting I could have done so. This spoilt the tour somewhat for both mum and I. I have no complaints with the actual Tour Guide he was friendly, knowledgeable and allowed my mum to access the lifts of the castle as she would have had difficulties with all the stairs.

, 6 2018
, 2 2018

Awesome tour, we were pretty rushed though, and even lost the tour guide a couple of times. I was with my 80 year old father, who can generally keep up. We were walking up and down a lot of stairs and on uneven ground, the pace was a bit unreasonable. Besides that, I would still recommend going.

, 10 2017

It was very informative, perhaps too much so. I would have liked an overall about all of the buildings in the castle area, but this focused in great detail on the relics in 3 buildings.

, 10 2017

Interesting and very adulation all tour.

, 9 2017

Very good tour got to see a lot of the castle and learn a lot of good Polish history.

, 9 2017

Very informative, excellent tour!

, 9 2017

very knowledgable guide who did her utmost best during three hours to give us all the facts and figures about the castle: from history to small, but picturesque details about the eating habits in those days.

, 9 2017

Great, informative and comprehensive tour of the cathedral, palace and armoury. Our guide was fantastic and we would highly recommend her - she was patient and addressed questions thoroughly, and even extended the tour so we could cover everything. We would have found it impossible to cover as much as we did on our own and we also learned an incredible amount about the history of Krakow and Poland.

, 8 2017


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