Kraków, ポーランド

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クラクフの最重要史跡2ヶ所を日帰りの旅で。アウシュヴィッツ・ビルケナウの博物館とヴィエリチカ岩塩抗。ホテルへのお迎えと昼食付き。 アウシュヴィッツ・ビルケナウの収容所へ。ナチス最大の強制収容所で起こった恐ろしい真実を学び、深く考えさせられる旅。昼食後、地下深くにある世界遺産のヴィエリチカ岩塩抗の探検。世界最古の稼働中岩塩抗の1つ。
  • クラクフ発アウシュヴィッツ=ビルケナウ強制収容所とヴィエリチカ岩塩坑丸一日ツアー
  • アウシュヴィッツとビルケナウの強制収容所および博物館を見学する、胸が痛くなる旅。
  • ユネスコ世界遺産、ヴィエリチカ岩塩抗を訪問。
  • 入場料、昼食、ホテルお迎え付きのお得なツアー。



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, 12 2018

Great day tour very organised from start to finish. The driver had had was very helpful. The guide we had for aushwitz and birkenau was brilliant very thorough in wlher detail made the trip really enjoyable

, 12 2018

The day lasted about 10 hours and included a fair bit of walking. However, a must do trip if you are visiting Krakow and only have a short amount of time. Auschwitz is just over an hour away and then back towards Krakow for the salt mine. Pack lunch was provided. Driver and tour guides were very informative.

, 12 2018

When you visit Krakow, this is a trip you have to do! The service of viator was great,pick up at the hotel,everything was good organized

, 12 2018

Well organised, small bus trip with only 22 passengers. Picked up from the hotel at 8am, be prepared for a long day and be prepared to walk. Extremely informative and well worth visiting both, driver and guides were excellent. Lunch was fine, make sure you have breakfast before you go. Good value trip for the money.

, 11 2018

Our tour guides for the attractions were extremely knowledgeable and conveyed their messages with respect. Our driver, Karol, was excellent.

, 11 2018

Very interesting day out, we both enjoyed it. Tour guides were very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend

, 10 2018

I learnt so much about the Nazi's treatment of the Jews, it was appalling by any standards. This trip is harrowing but it makes you admire anyone who could survive such an awful period in history. Our tour guide, Juliet, passed on so much information and the tour manager, Michael, was a very helpful young man. The tour does start early, in our case 07:40 and we weren't the first on the coach. The lunch provided was very nice and we could sit at the café outside of Birkenau to eat it. On a much brighter note the Salt Mine was glorious by contrast. The guide was a humorous chap who made the time, about 2 hours, pass very quickly. It's amazing what is down the mine, statues, great illuminated halls and a dragon or two. We got back to Krakow at around 6:30 and you can get dropped off at the Main Square or your hotel so it's very convenient. All in all a very good day out and I'd highly recommend it.

, 10 2018

Very moving somthing everyone should see salt mine's were very steep and tiring but worth a visit overall a good day out our driver was brilliant

, 10 2018

De correspondentie voorafgaand aan de trip was duidelijk en constructief. De buschauffeur was op de dag van vertrek mooi op tijd. De organisatie was positief. De rondleiding in de kampen Auschwitz en Birkenau was erg indrukwekkend. De lunch was voldoende. Aansluitend hebben we een excusie gehad in de zoutmijnen Wieliczka. Het was even schakelen maar ook erg mooi. Rond 19 uur waren we moe maar een mooie ervaring rijker terug in ons hotel. Het was een onvergetelijke dag.

, 10 2018

Amazing tour, worth it! Tour guide in both places are superb! The bus driver is nice and friendly!I am so glad that we did it! Highly recommended!

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