Kraków, ポーランド

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6時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


  • 所要時間7時間、クラクフ発アウシュヴィッツ・ビルケナウ博物館ツアー
  • 現地での時間を有効に使えるツアーです。
  • 以前の強制収容所を見学し、その歴史について学んでいきます。
  • 少人数ツアーは8人限定、送迎の回り道が短くなります。
  • クラクフ内のホテル送迎が含まれています。



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, 9 2018

We were picked up at a central location in Krakow for our tour. We were told to report to bus #22, but there were no markings on the bus and the bus driver did not speak to us. We weren't sure that we were heading to the correct place until we reached Auschwitz. There, we were met by a company rep and walked from the parking lot to the camp where we met our guide. We were given headsets so we could hear her, which was helpful. She essentially walked us through the process that the prisoners that were sent to this camp went through. After touring Auschwitz I, we loaded up the minivan and were driven to Birkenau (Auschwitz 2) which was about 3 km away. When we arrived, we walked another 3 km in order to see all of the parts of the camp. It was an emotionally difficult day, but it is important to understand what went on in these camps so that it does not happen again. Seeing the evidence of these murders and walking through the gas chamber was heart rending.

, 1 2018

Excellent trip, pick up from the hotel ran very smoothly, we watched a DVD on route with some information about Auschwitz which was very informative. The driver was very friendly and helpful, we weren't rushed and had plenty of time to see both sites. Would highly recommend.

, 11 2017

Picked up on time outside hotel , great driver and guide, very well looked after throughout trip.Perfect.

, 10 2017

The tour was great ,the driver was punctual and the vehicle spotless.
A short video was played in the vehicle on route to Auschwitz giving us an insight into the goings on there.
The driver escorted us all the way to the security,and made sure we all passed through to the other side , before leaving us with our tour guide and arranging a meeting place for the second part of the trip to Birkenau a short taxi trip away.
The tour guide spoke good English and was well informed,
On arrival at Birkenau things went a little pear shaped ,the tour guide suddenly let loose in open space began to do the trip at a canter and on several occasions she was halfway through telling the people who could keep up with her what was going on before some of the older people including myself had caught up ,this didn't in anyway spoil the experience as just being there was enough

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