Kraków, ポーランド

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使用言語: 英語


  • クラクフから行くアウシュビッツとビルケナウの1日ツアー
  • アウシュビッツとビルケナウの強制収容所と記念館のツアー
  • ポーランドの第二次世界大戦の歴史を知識が豊富なガイドから学びます
  • ホテルへのお迎え、入場料、往復移動が含まれたお得なツアーです。

アウシュビッツ第一強制収容所、アウシュビッツ第二ビルケナウ強制収容所の色んな建物を探索し、入口の「働けば自由になる」のサインの下を通り、元々の木造の兵舎、浴場、見張り塔を訪れたり、火葬場や、ガス室、死の壁を見学します。 ツアー中は、第二次世界大戦中のポーランドの生活の様子について聞いたり、心揺さぶられる写真や、書類、囚人の私物のコレクションが展示されているミュージアムを訪問し、収容所の歴史と悪名高いナチス政権が出来上がった経緯などについて学びます。




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, 10 2018

Thank you for the opportunity to describe our experience on this tour. First, the good -- the van driver did an outstanding job of coordinatiing our visit to the Auschwitz Concentration camp. He made sure we were in the right place at the right time and provided clear instructions on where and when to meet him. The van was quite satisfactory

Unfortunately, the local tour guide who led us through the camp was one of the worst we have ever encountered. She appeared to be simply going through the motions with her explanations of the things we were seeing. At time she was difficult to hear, especially during the second part of our visit
at the Birkenou Camp. When walking through this very large camp she made no effort to keep our group together and we never finished the complete tour with her.

, 3 2018

A very moving experience not too be missed. The tour went very smoothly from pick up to drop off. The tour guide was amazing very knowledgeable. The only negative point was, as there is so much walking we would have liked a bit longer break between the two camps to have a coffee and rest. Other than that I would recommend this tour company.

, 1 2018

A truly moving experience. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable, he made the visit interesting and was very aware of the mixed ages within our group walking at a pace that suited everyone. He used his knowledge and experience to bring the visit to life for us but was respectful at all times. It was a very somber visit but something I am very glad to have done. The pick up and drop off was on time and went very smoothly. The only thing that could've been better was the weather! It rained all day so unfortunately part of the Birkenau site was closed cutting the visit short. Wonderful guide.

, 1 2018

I booked this tour for my husband and some foreign guests, and I felt they were quite disappointed. The tour guide took away from their experience, rather than adding to it, and really rushed them through the tour. They felt they missed some things from this important site.

The hotel pick-up was punctual and very convenient, however.

, 11 2017

This was an amazing tour.

, 8 2017

The guide from Viator was excellent. The local guide at the place is a lottery because it has to be an official one from there and she was unfortunately not the level I expected! But the tour is anyways a must !

, 8 2017

I highly, highly recommend using this company. Really easy to organise, turned up on time and picked us up at our location. Comfortable mini bus and a good size group. The guide was really knowledgable and passionate - definately a good way to experience the history.

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