Krabi Noi, タイ

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clock-o3時間 (平均所要時間)


1日を通して1時間ごとに出発する、共有でご利用いただくエアコン付きミニバンでのクラビー空港からランタ島への送迎サービス。本送迎サービスには、クラビー空港のすぐ外側にある幹線道路上の小さなバス停からの便利なお迎えサービスと、ランタ島の(クロン ニンのセブンイレブンよりも遠くない場合)ご宿泊先ホテルへ直接向かうお送りサービスが含まれます。



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, 8 2017

- Pick up outside the bus stop at the airport
- drop off between Saladan and ends at klong Nin beach
- any hotel further south you have to arrange local taxi on yourself

, 7 2017

We arrived at airport 3.05 we walked out the front a company minivan passed us we tried too wave him down but we're ignored, made it too the bus stop, waited an hour for our 4.30 minivan all the time looking for it, so,we could wave it down as instructed, come 4.40 no minivan rung the company they said he will be there in 10 minutes, waved another minivan down thinking it was ours, but at least the driver was nice enough too stop and explain too us that he will be here soon, so van arrived about 5.10,then he let us sit in the bus and wait for 30 minutes, with no explanation why, so that meant we missed the 5.30 ferry, got the 6.30 ferry, arrived on island in the dark, I won't be using them on the trip back, I will book a private pick up.

, 7 2017

It got us to where we needed to get tom but was a bit of a farce to find. The directions from Viator/transfer company were not good and no one in the airport seemed to know where to send us. Having spent time in thailand previously I took this all with a pinch of salt, and we essentially just flagged a minibus down on the side of the road that looked like the one in this picture. It thankfully was right! Minivan was full of people, so no room for bags and as we were the last people to get on, we had to sit with our bags and others! on our laps. Not ideal, but we got through.
If I was using again, Id make sure I get very explicit instructions and maybe photographs of were to meet the driver.

, 4 2016

Definitely very cheap way of travelling. It is however a little intimidating trying to identify the van that you are suppose to get on as there are a lot of vans that looked similar and the bus stop outside the airport is more like a pavillion. Fortunately the contact no given works and the person on the other end speaks English. Overall will still recommend it as it is definitely much more affordable.

, 3 2016

This journey is overpriced here, it costs just 300 baht for this journey if you wait until you reach the airport and book it there. Also, we were stuck on the minivan for the entire time, because bags were blocking the door, we were stuck in a queue waiting to get on the boat for a very long time, and couldn't get out of our seat or out of the van to walk around or buy water at any stage. Even on boat, a lot of people were getting off, but we were stuck on the bus. It's a comfortable bus, but being stuck in a seat unable to move for 3 hours is pretty tedious, when we thought we would at least be able to get on and off when the minivan has stopped. There are far nicer ways to get to Lanta, get the direct ferry from Krabi, it's a lot nicer and you can walk around as you please!

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