Ko Samui, タイ

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Time8時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


この終日ツアーでは、サムイ島からアントン国立海洋公園を訪問し、タイ湾のエメラルドのように美しい島々で1日をお過ごしいただけます。 このツアーは、45分間のスピードボートでのクルーズで始まり、残りの時間は、カラフルなサンゴ礁でのシュノーケリングや、海洋公園の美しいオアシスでのカヤックをお楽しみいただけます。 パルアイ島、ウァタラップ島、メー コ島、サムサオ島、ヒンダップ島、ナイプット島、パイルアック島を訪れ、天然の洞窟、透明なラグーン、壮観な岩の形状などをご覧いただけます。



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, 2 2018

Really good tour! Much better than I thought - the stops were at amazing places, the boats were fast (and reasonably comfortable), the views were incredible and the crew were gracious and non-invasive! Lunch was provided and delicious! Plenty of water available too!

, 12 2017

This tour was amazing!

, 9 2017

This was a great day trip. Pick up and drop off at our hotel included. Really enjoyed the snorkeling and kayaking. Lunch was also very good, plenty of drinks and snacks. We had a good day, would do it again!

, 9 2017

We enjoyed the tour so much especially kayaking.
The view is awesome, food is nice but sad to see all the dead corals while snorkeling.

, 8 2017

Trip was okay. Dont expect too much. Lots of sitting around, waiting.
Kayaking was really boring, we didnt get to go up to the main viewpoint. Snorkeling was the only great part, crazy amount of fish and corals, clear water. Would do it again for the snorkeling but other than that not worth it.

, 2 2017

Snorkel and Kayak Tour but without the Kayak No, really. We were not once offered a chance to go kayaking, saw loads of other tourists in their canoes though. To be honest the only thing we enjoyed on this tour was the one hour snorkeling. The itinerary promised us two snorkeling spots but only one we got. Maybe it was because the organizers were late since the very beginning of the tour. The pick-up from the hotel was late. We leave at nine. The boat took off from the pier at 9:30. And so on. Massive amount of tourists leaving for various tours from the same pier, massive amount of tourists all over the marine park apart from the snorkeling spot, cold and tasteless food at the lunch buffet, the guide shouting with f-words to a Russian guy showing up late at one island, the guide not really giving us any information on the few islands and beautiful spots our team this is actually what the guide referred us with stopped by - and to finish with a very bumpy one-hour ride back to Samui. This tour was a disaster and almost a complete waste of money and our time. Next time we'll invest on a proper and more than likely private tour instead of this conveyer belt -like rip-off with a couldn't-care-less attitude towards tourists who really looked forward to seeing and experiencing something special.

, 8 2016

We did this tour at the beginning of our time in Ko Samui... The sights and view points during the trip were beautiful and definitely worth seeing. The organisation to begin with at the harbour could have been better, there was a lot of waiting about, especially in the heat. The snorkelling part of the trip, alongside the kayaking was particularly enjoyable, however we were left mostly to our own devices about where to go and what to do. Lunch wasn't well organised at all - there was about 5 boats worth of people trying to cue for food, which ended in a disaster especially after we were told that certain food was only for certain boats. Our tour guide was good - well spoken English and the crew on board were also friendly - however, trip could have been better organised

, 6 2016

Very friendly staff, lots of things packed into the day compared to other tours.

, 6 2016

Beautiful Islands, and a happy go lucky tour guide. I really loved this tour! I have only given 4 stars because there is no mention of a hike in the description, and there was a mini one, up loads and loads of stairs. If my husband had known that he and almost everyone else on the tour would not have worn flip flops. So be warned people, there is an optional hike, so wear proper outdoor sandals or trainers!

, 5 2016

The tour info says: "45-minute speedboat ride". It took an hour and a half both ways as we took a detour to Ko Phan Ngan to play pick up people. I specifically chose this tour for the 45 minute ride to have more time everywhere.

Snorkeling and kayaking was very cool though.

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