Ko Samui, タイ

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Time8時間 (平均所要時間)
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  • サムイ島出発、アーントーン・マリンパーク・シュノーケリングクルーズ
  • メイコ島とワアタラップ島をロングテールボートで訪ねましょう
  • 見事な海岸線に沿ってカヤック(オプションでご選択ください)
  • 自然のハイキングコース、シュノーケリング、そしてパウダーホワイトビーチでおくつろぎください
  • 軽い朝食、新鮮なフルーツ、ソフトドリンク、ビュッフェ式ランチをご用意しています。
  • ホテルとの往復送迎込み



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, 7 2018

Overall we enjoyed this trip - lots happening and the food was great. This is really is value for money - the downside in keeping it good value is that it is very packed in the numbers of people on the boat. We didn’t enjoy that so much. Still it is well organised so nobody misses out on anything

, 10 2017

The only thing i didnt like was the snorkling location as the water was very murky!
Everything else was great!

, 9 2017

The best in Koh Samui. Iron lady is bestest, shes amazing, and most energetic lady i have ever seen in my life. Knows around 10 or more languages, she made us feel with are in home. I recommend this.

, 8 2017

This was a good value tour for a family of five with two teens and a 10 year old. The kayaking was fun and well organised. The staff were enthusiastic and the food plentiful. You can take a private tour there, but the crowds will still be present, it is a popular spot. Worth doing.

, 7 2017

This is a good tour, although the timings given in the advert are a little out with regard the cruise section on the boat to and from Angthong. It took around 1:45 minutes there and nearly two hours back, so be prepared for the day to be longer than advertised. Also I'd strongly recommend booking the kayaking rather than not, otherwise it would probably get a bit boring on the boat. The food and drink provided were good and plentiful. The snorkelling wasn't amazing, but then it was never advertised as such. This tour is good value for money and worthwhile.

, 3 2017

Very good, quite hectic but a lot of activities packed in a day. Very well organised. I recommend it!

, 10 2016

Good trip overall. The negative - its 30-60 mins commute, 90 mins on boat to get there. You get around an hour in a kayak, transfer to beach, 30 mins on the beach, transfer back to boat, have lunch yummy, then go to different beach where you only get 2 hours swim, snorkel, climb mountain or look at stagaltite thingys. Then transfer back to boat, 90 mins on boat, 30-60 mins commute. Very long day for essentially lunch and 3 hours of activity.

, 8 2016

Great value day trip - didn't do the kayaking but walked and snorkelled - amazing

, 7 2016

Great day out. We enjoyed the kayaking and the snorkelling on the tour particularly. The staff were very enthusiastic and friendly. Lunch served on board the board was delicious and filling. This trip is highly recommended if you are staying on Samui.

, 6 2016

Great day, value for money. Operators of the vessel was vigilant about the safety of the passengers Lunch was fantastic, Bring sun block, towel and beer cooler.

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