Ko Samui, タイ

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10時間 30分 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


サムイ島発アントン国立海洋公園の手つかずの島々を巡る日帰り高速ボートツアー。そびえ立つ花崗岩の崖に感銘、ワオ島の透明な海でシュノーケリング、マコ―島を登り、エメラルドレイクを見学。眼下に島の絶景が広がっています。陸に上がって、シー・ジプシーの漁村でランチを食べます。そのあと、カヤックを漕いで、ジャングルの沿岸からジェームズ・ボンド島へ向かいます。水辺によろめく塔があります。「007 黄金銃を持つ男」のロケ地となった島です。
  • 都会の喧騒から抜け出して、一日を思い切り楽しみましょう
  • 昼食付きです
  • 野性動物を間近で観察
  • 必要な道具はすべて含まれています
  • 地元の人からの耳寄り情報を得ましょう
  • ご家族全員でお楽しみいただけます




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, 4 2018

OMG the best tour ever! The guys were friendly and pretty funny and so helpful to us which was especially appreciated since there were a couple snorkeling newbies in our group. I thought we would be tired traveling from one island to the next but it was great! Loved the change of beautiful sceneries and the adventure. Our other friends went with a different tour group because they had signed up 1st and we couldn't all fit into the same group but I'm glad we didn't because they did not have as much fun as we did. Definitely must go with this tour group if this is your 1st time snorkeling or just want some fun island time!

, 3 2018

Wow what a great time...from the moment we arrived at the dock for boat trip we felt welcomed by staff. They treated us like members of crew super group of guys...kept us busy all day from snorkeling just outside of National park to kayaking to visiting the national park right on threw a super lunch buffet, this was by far the best excursion we had on our three week trip to Thailand. I would do this again in other areas of Thailand the next time I visit this country.

, 1 2018

We had a great time on this tour. It was well run, with very friendly staff. The boats were high-end and well looked after. Of course, this is a touristy thing to do and so naturally there are lots of other boats at the same destinations, so it feels a bit like herding sheep, but we still had a good time. The lunch was a bit basic, but it was fine.
I don't see why they don't just include the fee for the marine reserve in the cost of the ticket. It's frustrating to turn up to the tour and be asked for 300Baht per person. Yes, it says it in the exclusions, but just combine it with the ticket price and make it easy for everyone.
Would definitely recommend this tour.

, 12 2017

Good guide lunch was okay

, 8 2017

The start of the tour was a bit disorganized. To be honest, I'm a bit surprised we made it to where we needed to be. Overall, it was a fun day and the crew was very fun. Snorkeling was extremely crowded, but fun nonetheless. Lunch was great!

, 7 2017

A really good day, well organized with friendly staff.

, 3 2017

This was a brilliant day! The staff on board the boat were great, which makes all the difference. Everything was very well organised, great lunch and plenty of time for swimming and relaxing.

, 3 2016

Great experience, highly recommanded

, 10 2015

My husband and I really enjoyed the tour, however we were taken back when we were told that what we paid did not include canoeing. So we had to pay extra if we wanted to do that. Our vouchers said all activities and equipments are included. So good thing we brough extra cash or would have ruined it.

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