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clock-o2時間 (平均所要時間)


キーウエストからスクーナー船アップルドア号に乗って、2時間のクルーズを楽しみましょう! 帆を揚げるクルーを手伝ったり、操縦を順番に経験したり、あるいはフロリダ沿岸の素晴らしい景色を堪能するだけなど、あらゆる楽しみ方があります。日の光をたくさん浴びたい方は、日中のクルーズをお選びください。または夕方のサンセットクルーズもお選びいただけます。水上では、お客様のために様々なお飲み物をご用意しています。

プレミアムビール、ワイン、カクテル、そしてソフトドリンクが港を航海する日中のクルーズで振る舞われます。サンセットクルーズではさらにチーズの大皿とシャンパンもご用意しています。 アップルドア号では、海の潮風、たくさんの日の光、そして素晴らしい海の景色の組み合わせを堪能しながら、リラックスしてお過ごしいただけます。 この2時間のキーウエストでのクルーズは出発地点へ戻り、終了となります。



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, 3 2018

Katie and the crew were fabulous! Very beautiful schooner which took us on an exciting adventure! The food was delicious and the adult beverages were perfect! We cant say enough about this experience!
Please dont miss it! You wont regret it!

, 3 2018

The tour was colossal and absolutely breath-taking to be able to observe first hand the beauty of the sunset on the water. Additional bonus was seeing some turtles popping their heads up through the water as well as a Hammerhead shark running through the water. We had an amazingly still water and calmness of the ocean as we sailed and watched the sun set. A slight haze assisted in the elegance of the views as the sunshine against other boats provided a glimmering affect in the distance. The crew was phenomenal and attentive to any needs with extraordinary service to all and Captain Kate was absolutely over the top wonderful as a guide, host and made the trip highly enjoyable with a sparkling personality and obvious passion for what she does. We had a wonderful time and would definitely repeat the experience on future visits.

, 1 2018

this was one of the best experience in life! very calming and friendly crews. great beer and breeze on a schooner sailing, not diesel driven yacht. i strongly recommant this journey on the key west ocean!

, 1 2018

This was a two hour sunset tour, quiet, beautiful, smooth sailing! The crew did a great job in answering questions, telling interesting stories, and keeping everyone refreshed try the sangria - good stuff. The sunset was beautiful as always. Highly recommend.

, 11 2017

We had a great sunset cruise with the best crew ever! Best weather, best drinks, best snacks, and best company

, 8 2017

This was truly a relaxing and beautiful excursion. The crew was great and witty at times while being helpful at all times. They asked most of us almost every 15-20 minutes if we would like another drink. They allowed us Landlubbers to hoist the sails while keeping a close eye on us . The only other thing that I would have liked would have been for live music to be playing since the post stated there would be someone there to sing but nobody showed up to do so. Anyway, definitely a late afternoon excursion to take prior to leaving these beautiful waters ...

, 7 2017

We've encountered some troubles in entering the boat which is why we only give 4 stars. We've been sent from one agency to another and back, spend half an hour finding the agency in charge, only to hear a lady panicking 'your boat is leaving NOW' but we couldn't go there yet because she made us fill in two forms. All was very stressy and we were really uncomfortable because the boat sailed out with 3 passengers and had to come back for us. The crew was understanding and friendly and the trip was really amazing. So peaceful! We've even managed to spot dolphins which was beautiful.
There was no singer and no explanation about his absence but the cruise was great nontheless.

, 5 2017

Schooner Appledore was the highlight of our Key West trip. It will be the first thing we book when we return next year. Captain Chris with crew members Jan and Phil were so wonderfully professional attending to our safety and comfort. They were very handy with filling our drink cups, too! It was lovely being out on the water at sunset. Helping pull the lines to put up the sail was a rush for our party.

, 4 2017

It was awesome! The crew was very friendly and fun. Wonderful experience and we would definitely do it again!

, 3 2017

The Schooner Appledore ship and crew were exceptional. The absence of a fifth star is because the booking agent was terrible. They lost our reservation even through it was paid by credit card. Nothing more stressful than booking an excursion on line, traveling 1500 miles, and being told we do not have a record of you reserving your three paid positions. We were then able to straighten out the issue by going directly to the to the booking office. One young lady was useless, but there was an agent that rebooked us.
My review of the schooner is great. The crew was friendly and made you a part of the crew. It was an experience we will remember!

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