Lihue, ハワイ島

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変化に富んだ風景、多種多様な野生生物、類まれな絶景を楽しめるキプ・ランチは、カウアイ島で最高のエコツアーの1つです。シートベルトを締めら、熱帯のフレイア渓谷をめぐるオフロード冒険が始まります。四輪駆動車に乗って、緑豊かな牧草地を通って、ハウプ山を登り、キプカイ・ビーチの眺めをお楽しみください。「ジュラシックパーク」、「インディージョーンズ:失われたアーク」、 「ファミリーツリー」の映画撮影に使われた場所を見つけられるかもしれません。



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, 4 2018

Enjoyed learning about the history of the area and the movies that have been filmed there.

, 1 2018

The guides made sure everyone was comfortable with the ride route. Stopped a few times to give history/info of our route. Went over safety rules really well. we had one ATV with the guide ahead of the rest of the atvs and one at the end. The ranch is beautiful. Definitely be over 5 years of age to enjoy it. Highly recommend it.

, 9 2017

My Group really enjoyed this method of touring. I was not feeling my best but the tour guide made all the difference. They made sure I was apart of every experience by taking the wheel of our 4X4 and navigating through the difficult terrain to hidden pond. Great excursion and well worth the money!

, 6 2017

This was an amazing trip. Opportunity to see many spots where films were made. Tour guides were awesome as well. Highly recommended this way to see island.

, 11 2016

We had a great time and I highly recommend this trip. Our guide is funny, well-informed, and delighted in telling us about the history and culture of Kauai. He pointed out difference areas within Kipu Ranch and told us which movies were shot where. We all had a lot of fun.

, 11 2016

Only way to see the island. Great guides with tons of knowledge and history. Beautiful views. THNAKS!!!

, 10 2016

Awesome tour. Lumbo and Tony did a great job. They made sure the drivers were well informed on how to use the vehicles and how to handle negative situations if encountered. They also provided Hawaiian history associated with the ranch and showed us where mainstream movies were filmed. Many photo opportunities were available. Fun and safe. Highly recommend.

, 8 2016

Just can't say enough about much fun we had. We did the 3 hour off road adventure.
Our guide was Lumbo and he was so knowledgable and funny. After you check in office staff is very nice you get your helmet and goggles and you get some instruction and training for those who will be driving. Then the adventure begins. You stop a few times for pictures and information and more training on a certain hill. They provide water and snacks about half way through and you can do the rope swing if you want to towards the end. We had a great group of people. A family was with us that had been the year before and liked it so much they did it again. You can get muddy, wet, dusty so wear dark clothes, but it's worth it. Troy was helping Lumbo out and both were very polite and nice guys. Would definitely go again and highly recommend it.

, 7 2016

Wow! What an amazing day at Kipu Ranch! Our guide Troy was awesome! He knew the spots to photograph, took his time to explain any questions, and truly went above and beyond to make sure everyone had the best day possible. I loved hearing the history of the land, and each stop was such a fun story to hear. I honestly can't say enough about how much fun this trip is! Thank you for giving my husband and I such great memories on our honeymoon!

, 7 2016

This tour was amazing!

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