Eleele, ハワイ島

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clock-o7時間 (平均所要時間)
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この7時間のシュノーケリングの冒険で高くそびえるナパリの海の断崖近くをセーリングし、ニイハウ島の沖合をクルーズして「禁断の島」の秘密を発見してください。 カウアイ島で最速の65フィート(20メートル)のパワー カタマランでスタイリッシュで快適な船旅をし、シュノーケリングをして沖合にある古代の珊瑚礁でたくさんのカラフルな魚と出会ってください。この素敵なツアーは毎日実施しています。高さ4,000フィートの断崖、海の洞窟、そして流れ落ちる滝の美しさを堪能し、美味しい船上でのランチやコンチネンタル ブレックファーストをご賞味いただけます。



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, 6 2016

船員の方はとてもプロフェッショナルで、知識が豊富で親切でした。 絶景。

, 10 2018

Really fun trip. The crew was great, very engaging and professional. They had the best snorkeling location of all the tours out of Port Allen.

, 9 2017

What an amazing and see inspiring day! Our crew were so attentive and extremely friendly and knowledgeable of the marine life and history of the areas. We had the fortune of seeing melon headed whales, which is rare, as well as spinner dolphins and a friendly monk seal when we began our snorkel adventure. Of you have the time, highly recommend the trip to the forbidden island. The variety and amount of fish was incredible! I also recommend riding on the front of the catamaran of you don't mind getting drenched and enjoy an adventurous ride!! Would do this trip again!!

, 8 2017

We chose this over a helicopter tour and we weren't disappointed. The captain and crew were amazing! Wendel, Nicole, Drew, and Jacob are super friendly and helpful. Quick to make sure we were comfortable, happy, and safe!. Full of great tips for places to see/places to eat/things to do from a local's perspective. We got a great view of the beautiful Na Pali coast with some great snorkeling to boot. The ride out to and from Ni'ihau was a lot of fun!

Tip - You're on the open ocean to and from Ni'ihau, so expect a bumpier ride. Sit on the front deck of the boat. You'll get wet, but A remember this is a snorkeling trip in warm/sunny Hawaii, B You're far less likely to get sea sick, C The view is better, and D Beer tastes better with a little salt spray .

, 8 2017

The crew was nice and provided good information. The food and drinks were great. The views of the Coast were really good I would have liked to go little further. Our snorkeling spot was not the best. We saw some fish and a monk seal was present when we arrived but quickly swam away. Too many people.

, 8 2017

Very friendly and helpful crew. Very cool trip program. My girlfriend and I would definitely do it again.

, 7 2017

This was truly a one of a kind experience! The scenery was amazing, the coast line was gorgeous, the staff was very knowledgeable about the area as well as the wild life, and also super friendly, good food and service, and all with a fun and enjoyable boat ride. The water was crystal clear and the captain really knew how to pick the best spot for snorkeling. We also got to se spinnner dolphins!

, 6 2016

Crew was very professional, informative and accommodating. Amazing views.

, 1 2015

Anyone who visits Kauai must attend this message excursion. The beauty of the landscape cannot be captured in pictures and its a Must See trip.

, 12 2014

Ship's captain and crew made sure every one had a good time. Even with the rough December weather we had a spectacular view of the Napali coast. I highly recommend this trip.

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