Eleele, ハワイ島

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clock-o3時間 30分 (平均所要時間)
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所要時間3.5時間のナ パリ サンセットディナークルーズで、世界屈指の美しい海岸線をご堪能ください。ドラマチックな景色の持つこの自然の素晴らしさと色彩は水面から眺めるのが最高です。ナ パリ海岸に沿って進みながら、カテドラル・クリフ、太古の溶岩洞、海蝕洞、滝を見学します。そして夕日とともに変化する景色を眺めながら船上での郷土料理ディナーをお楽しみいただきます。まずはシャンパンにて乾杯。その後マイタイ、アイランドジュース、ビール、ワインなどのお飲み物を召し上がりながら夕刻時をご堪能ください。これがカウアイの夜の最高な過ごし方です。



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, 5 2016

素敵な旅。 船員の方も船長も知識が豊富で親切。 食べ物、飲み物がたくさん。 全体的に素敵な旅でした!

, 9 2018

Scenery on cruise was beautiful. The crew was awesome! Only issue with the cruise was all the sea sick people. Not sure how the crew could have handled it better they tried their best, but still was enough to keep me from rating it a five.

, 3 2018

I got terribly sea sick and spend the entire 3.5 hours ill. But my family loved it. They loved the views, the crew, the food. I loved the red buckets. I would NOT recommend if you get sea sick.

, 3 2018

This trip was the highlight of our island stay. The boat was clean the food was good and our captain got us in close to sites we also were able to see a number of wales which we did not expect.

, 1 2018

This was a great tour. The crew was awesome, captain Drew, Emily, and Jen were amazing. They made sure everyone had plenty of drinks, food, and pictures. The tour itself was perfect. Amazing sights along the coast along with whales and turtles. Champagne at sunset too.

, 1 2018

We had a great time on this trip, but I do not think Dinner Cruise is totally accurate. The ride up the Napali Coast is super fast and very wet--it is not an easy, gentle cruise by any means. It is slower and calmer on the way back but still pretty quick at times. Also, the dinner was fine but it is not a luxury dinner but more of buffet of fish tacos.

The crew was great, super-friendly and helpful. Again, we had a great time but it was a different experience than we were led to believe looking at the description.

, 12 2017

The cruise was the high lite of the trip to Kauai, Hawaii. We will never forget this cruise.

, 11 2017

This cruise was the best we had a Great Captain and the Crew was Amazing as well, they really looked after you and helped with all kinds of picture taking. Feeding you, wine and Dinning you as well.
Highly recommend this cruise.

, 11 2017

Trip was well organised and the staff were excellent making sure everyone was comfortable even those who do not cope well with boat travel. The sights along the Na Pali coastline are amazing and well worth the trip. The sunset was spectacular. Highly recommend doing this trip

, 10 2017

Fun tour. We sat up front in the splash zone and had a blast. They slow and stop for photos several times and have a crew member take your photo. The coast is beautiful. They even go into a cave like area along the coast. Food was crackers and veggies and such for starters and yummy tacos for dinner.

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