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壮麗なナ パリ コースト沿いを帆走し、高さ4,000フィート(1,200メートル以上)の断崖、複数の段に分かれた滝、海食洞、人目につかないビーチ、イルカ、ウミガメ、息をのむような景色を目の当たりにして下さい。ナ パリ コーストがハワイの宝石として知られ、世界で最も珍しい眺めの一つとして認められている理由が分かるはずです。ハワイの伝説や歴史に関する話で乗組員がお客様の想像をかきたてる間、帆に当たる風を感じて下さい。彼らは誰よりも多くのセーリング経験を持ち、20ノット(時速37.04キロ)を越えることも珍しくありません。カウアイ島の海岸沿いをシュノーケリングします。道具、食事、飲み物がツアーに含まれています。



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, 3 2018

amazing tour! we enjoyed it!

, 3 2018

This tour was fantastic! The crew was energetic and knowledgeable and very friendly. They tended to our every need. I highly recommend taking the Na Pali coast tour!

, 12 2017

The crew was very nice and attentive. The Captain said he wasn't sure if we could make it to the Na Pali coast due to potential rough seas but he gave it a good try. Found a school of dolphins and they circled around and stopped for a good long look at them. The crew also pointed out a couple of Whales and made a good attempt to get close.
Only advice take Dramamine as you are out for quite a few hours.

, 9 2017

This was a great tour! The snorkel spot was pretty good, but no turtles. The NaPali coast was amazing! We love the history they gave us too!
The crew was great! They really cared about our safety. The food was plentiful and good.
I would highly recommend this tour!

, 9 2017

Very friendly and informative crew. Took care to make sure passengers were safe and having a good time. Snorkeling was ok, Napali coast was spectacular, caves and waterfalls were inviting, Not enough wind to sail back, which was disappointing. Food was good, plenty for all.

, 8 2017

Amazing crew and great experience!

, 6 2017

Capt Kelly and her crew were friendly, informative guides. The Capt stopped the boat when we came across a pod of Spinner dolphins to give us time to watch them. At the snorkelling spot we didn't see a great many fish but we did see four turtles and a seal. There was a cold buffet for lunch, plenty of food, although I personally would have preferred a hot juicy burger after all that snorkelling! On the way back the crew were able to put up the sails and turn off the engine for a while which was lovely. There were people of all ages on our trip and all had a great time. Bring plenty of suntan lotion cos you don't want to be inside and miss the views and all the fun of the ride up front!

, 5 2017

We had an awesome trip despite the fact that the day we were scheduled to go they had to take a different route because the weather on our booked route was too rough. Captain Cole, Wade and Max did a great job taking care of the group and we actually got to see a Whale Shark....which is a rare sighting! Would recommend this trip.

, 3 2017

The Captain and Crew made our six hour trip with Na Pali Coast Snorkel and Sail the highlight of our two weeks in Hawaii!

, 1 2017

Where we stopped to snorkel wasn't very good. Not a lot of different kinds of fish to look at. The crew, Wade, Max and Captain Cole were excellent in explaining the history of the Na Pali coast and pointing out some interesting land points. They were also great in taking care of all are needs during lunch and the tour. The views of the coast line were fantastic when looking at it up close from the water

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