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  • 京都、大阪からの高野山日帰りツアーと写真撮影
  • 神聖なユネスコ世界遺産を巡り一日を満喫
  • 高野山の山頂にある壇上伽藍でポーズをとりましょう
  • 散策しながら、寺院や僧侶、空海について話を聞きましょう
  • ポーズをとったものや、カジュアルなものなど、いろいろな写真をお持ち帰りください



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, 2 2018

My family and I did an action packed tour of Tokyo, Kamakura, Nikko, Kyoto and many other places during our 11 day tour. I booked this tour just as a filler on one of our last days. I must say that this tour was by no means thought of as one of the highlights of our tours. I had no real understanding of Mt. Koya or its history.
After spending 9 of the most AMAZING days that we have ever had while traveling, all with private guides we came to Mt. Koya. The road to Mt. Koya was picturesque and it was interesting to see the remote countryside of Japan. As we arrived to the small sleepy community of Danjo Karan and entered the ancient Buddhist area, I was overcome by amazement. I don't know how many THOUSANDS of ancient stone temples all coated with bright green moss as far as the eye could see. Many of these dating back to 600 A.D. all in pristine condition. The sight was indescribable. I felt as if i was put in a time machine and transported back over a thousand years to Japan as this area does not display any real modern-day refinements like modern Printed signs so the trails were preserved as if you were walking on them a thousand years ago.
This was definitely one of the highlights of our trip and I will never forget how amazing it was.
The tour guide, Tazeer, could not have been more accommodating and it was really refreshing to have a guide who actually grew up speaking English, as he was able to really explain Japans modern day society as we drove to and from Mt. Koya. The van we were in was first class and was very luxurious.
I cannot even begin to put to words how much this tour impacted our trip and experience in Japan. Everything was perfect!! Mt. Koya and this tour are truly one of the hidden Gem's as far as experiences in Japan. A MUST!!!

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