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clock-o12時間 (平均所要時間)
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チューリッヒを出発する12時間におよぶ本ツアーで、ベルナー オーバーラントの驚くほど美しい風景を巡り、気分を高揚させましょう。ヨーロッパで最も標高の高い場所にある吊り橋、TISSOT(ティソ)フィルスト クリフ ウォーク からのパノラマのような景色を満喫しましょう。アルプスを見渡せるジップライン、フィルスト フライヤーで滑空し、マウンテンカートとスクーターでオフロードの旅に出ます。更に、絵のように美しい2つの山村、グリンデルヴァルトとインターラーケンに広がるアルプスの風景を、ガイドとともにお楽しみいただきます。 



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, 9 2018

This is the most amazing adventure through the Swiss Alps! Beautiful scenic drives and all sorts of picturesque places to see!

, 11 2017

You are on your own and it isn't so easy to find your way. It's a really good excursion But the day we went the weather was bad-raining and ZERO visability. We got lost finding our way up to the top and when we finally got there, we were informed that the zip line was closed!! BUT they had just opened the Eagle flight, we were thrilled to do it even though it was Zero visability it was fun and adventurous!!
We took the the mountain carts down to the next level-also fun But were advised not to take the scooters in the rain for the third part down.
Fantastic day-Instructions not clear enough- But definitely a great day for adventurous people!!!

, 9 2017

This tour was amazing!

, 8 2017

The tour itself was so amazing! One of the most fun days I have ever experienced, and the views on top of Mount First, and the whole way down, are truly incredible. I went on a Saturday, so be prepared to be waiting in line for each activity. We weren't expecting this, and it was a bit of a rush to catch the bus at the end as a result. The only negative I have was that the tour company was a bit disorganized. They put the wrong meeting address on our voucher, and we were almost late for the bus from Zurich, and they forgot to give us the correct voucher to redeem for all of the activities, and as a result, we had to wait in a long line, and almost had to pay again. Other than these two instances of frustration, the actual activities are great, adventurous, and so much fun. Would 100 recommend!

, 8 2017

My experience with First Trip Top Adventure was great! Leaving the place on time and the guide named Michelle shared information
on Switzerland which are very interesting. She is very accommodating as well. The only thing that saddened us is the fact that we were not able to try all the adventure rides because of the long queue in the First Flyer which took us around two hours. But it is really worth the wait! We only wish though that we had longer hours.

, 6 2017

This is a new tour and I can't put into words how great of an experience this was! From the organization, to the transportation, to the activities, and most important to the views, everything was top notch. A day I will certainly never forget! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! This is good for all ages and certainly need to be some sort of dare devil in you!

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