フィレンツェ, イタリア

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  • アカデミア美術館とウフィツィ美術館を含むフィレンツェの終日ツアー
  • ミケランジェロ広場とフィエーゾレからフィレンツェの眺望を楽しみましょう。
  • ドゥオーモ(大聖堂)、サンタ・クローチェ聖堂、シニョーリア広場などの名所を堪能しましょう。
  • トスカーナ風ランチを楽しみましょう。
  • アカデミア美術館とウフィツィ美術館に優先入場できます。
  • ミケランジェロ、ボッティチェッリ、ダ・ヴィンチ、ティティアンの傑作を鑑賞しましょう。
  • ランチ、優先入場券、往復のバス移動が含まれたお得なツアーです。







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, 4 2018

Most of the morning tour was done in Spanish then broken English so felt we missed a lot also a lot of waiting around a lot of people dropped out with anoance finishe 12 to meet 2.15 then hang round till 3 then Spanish and English together again but the Patrica done great and we enjoyed that part

, 1 2018

Overall, it's a good trip. What could be better?
1. To give some time for Etrurian Archeoljgical Museum. Without this, spending time for Fiesole is totally useless.
2. To give more time for Uffizi. We had to go in where group tours enter, but we had to wait 40 minutes while other groups enter. I think, this is a lack of tour organization.
3. Lunch was extremely bad. White bread slices, which you never eat at home, you have to wait for 20 minutes. And additional 20 minutes for pasta is a little over our patient. Shortly, we had a lunch in another osteria.

Hope, it will be fixed.

, 10 2017

Had a great tour. Both galleries were excellent and had the opportunity to see Michelangelo David and painting by him and Da Vinci in the same day. Florence is a beautiful and historic city and with the tour we got to see a great deal of it. The restaurant for lunch was very nice taste of Tuscany.

, 8 2017

We had a wonderful tour in Florence. Our tour guide was informative, full of personality and just made this visit a pleasant experience. Florence is a must see and please use this tour.

, 5 2017

This is a must see experience for Florence. If you have limited time to spend in this fabulous city then this tour is ideal. The highlights are the Michelangelo Terrace overlooking the city, The Galleria Accademia and Galleria Uffizi. Our tour guides were very knowledgeable and made the experience exceptional. There is so much to see I would not recommend anyone without prior experience tackling this without a guide. The skip the line part is wonderful as well. With limited time to spend in the city you really do not want to spend your time waiting in line to access these great galleries.

The lunch break at midday was pleasant and gave your feet a chance to rest before you tackled the next gallery.

The guided tour made our trip to Florence special.

, 2 2017

The overall tour was good but bet to long and idea of leaving you by yourself after lunch for couple of hours seem waste time.

, 10 2016

We were tired, so we did not take the entire tour. Everyone was extremely flexible with us which was nice, we were able to meet up with the group later in the day. The tour guide Deborah was very knowledgable and one of the best tour guides we had in Italy. The restaurant for lunch was very very good-but the included lunch was nothing to write home about- one glass of wine, bruschetta, main course was a bowl of greasy pasta and dessert was a lemon slushy... We ordered a pizza and it was one of the best we had, but it was not included.

, 9 2016

Great day overall! Good way to get a taste of Florence as well to see the amazing Academia and Uffizi.

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