Dubrovnik, クロアチア

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clock-o2時間 15分 (平均所要時間)
comment使用言語: 英語


  • ボートとウォーキングツアーのコンビネーション。ドゥブロヴニクにある「ゲーム・オブ・スローンズ」の有名スポットを歩いてまわります
  • 壁に囲まれたドゥブロヴニクの街をTV番組で登場した船に乗ってアドリア海から眺めます
  • 美しい旧市街スタリー・グラードを散策し、ドラマ「ゲーム・オブ・スローンズ」の撮影場所として有名になった名所を回ります
  • 地元のガイドの解説で街の歴史やドラマの撮影裏話などが聞けます



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, 9 2018

Once my friend and I found the GoT Karaka we expected lots of drama however we didn’t sense any enthusiasm from the organizers welcoming us on board. We also felt a little confused when the cruise started and there was no announcement as to what was going on. People started trying on the GoT costumes and posing for pictures / again we were left wondering if there would be an announcement or we should just go. Finally the lady started talking over the mic and our official tour started. While our guide gave some good information - I found the karaka part of the tour very disorganized. My friend and I quickly scurried to try on our GoT costumes, however the “king” helping kept ignoring me and seemed annoyed when we persistently asked to be dressed up in the same Daenerys costume (they had 2 of them so we were willing to wait) Once we got to the city walls and were split into two groups, the tour went by much more smoothly. We continued with the same tour guide from the boat and she was quite cheerful and informative. Overall I would have to give it 3 stars only because the karaka part of it (the part I expected to be the most fun!) was disorganized and needs to be improved.

, 8 2018

Cool that this tour was split into two parts: 1. Cruise tour where we had a beautiful view on the way to the old city.2. The walking tour was led by an awesome guide who was a true Game of Thrones fan.

, 8 2018
, 8 2018

Lovely tour at the discovery of the sets and behind the scenes of GoT in Dubrovnik. Really outstanding guide! thanks Indira!

, 7 2018

This tour was fantastic ! we could wear the costumes and our guide the pregnant lady i forgot her name : , she was great really knowledgeable and friendly

, 6 2018

We had a fabulous time on our tour and loved getting to experience being on the Karaka ship as it sailed into the Old Town Port/'King's Landing'. Dressing up was definitely a highlight and it was so much fun and it was lovely to see the 'King's' enthusiasm for people to try on the costumes he had created. The tour guide who was speaking on the boat was kind of difficult to hear as people were trying on costumes and chatting among themselves which felt a little bit awkward at times. The walking tour after the boat ride was interesting and it was good to see where GoT had been filmed in the real life locations in the Old Town. Our guide also mentioned a few historical/cultural facts about Dubrovnik which were interesting and added to the tour. Really interesting and a bit of silly fun if you're a GoT fan!

, 4 2018

simply amazing! highly recommend.

, 11 2017

Absolutely amazing, loved every second, good fun, brill tour guide, really enjoyed seeing the sights I wouldn't of seen on my own!

, 10 2017

The Karaka cruise was a lot of fun. The ship is beautiful. I think about 1/3 of the passengers chose to get dressed up as GOT characters including us which was really fun on board. The guide on the ship was very informative and our guide on the ground was also very funny and interesting. She was a costume designer on the show and shared some funny gossip and deails abou the actors. It was pretty dark when we got off the ship so some of the sites where they filmed was hard to see. Overall a fun experience including sitting on the throne replica in one of the gift shops she took us too.

, 9 2017

I was impressed with this tour,you get to dress up as game of thrones characters and the karaka was amazing.The walking tour takes you around scenes that was in game if thrones including cersies' walk of shame, you also get a free cocktail on the karaka,and passes kings landing

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