Dublin, アイルランド

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Time6日 (平均所要時間)


3つの宿泊プランから選べる6日間のツアーで、アイルランド南部を周遊します。 このツアーには、5泊6日の宿泊と移動が含まれます。道中、アデア、インチ・ビーチ、ディングル半島、コーク、コーヴ、コング、キラーニーなど様々な土地に立ち寄ります。リング・オブ・ケリーを旅して回り、ブラーニー城とバンラティ城を見て、クリフス・オブ・モアーを訪ねます。醸造所ギネス・ストアハウスでビールを楽しみ、ココミロ修道院で13世紀の修道院を写真に収めましょう。
  • 初めて訪れる方に最適なツアーです
  • バスで行く総合ツアー
  • 数日間のツアー
  • 朝食付き
  • 人なつこいイルカに接近



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, 10 2018

I would highly recommend this fabulous 6-day tour of Southern Ireland! We saw too many sights, vistas and castles to count! We wouldn't have seen half on our own... We had perfect weather, not a drop of rain! We met lovely new friends from around the globe (US, South Africa, Canada, The Philippines and of course, Ireland!) By far our tour guide Barry made the trip. His expertise, knowledge of Ireland and funny antidotes were the highlight! These are memories we will treasure forever!

, 9 2017

I this the space in which I am to write the review. I loved the journey from the very moment it started. I was amazed by Malcomb our guide. He was so totally prepared to show us a marvelous time and was so well informed as well. Our bus was just the right size...I hate those big buses. He did change the order of the cities we visited...We started off in Cork, and according to the schedule I saw on the internet that was to be our last stop. Nevertheless...the entire journey was a blessing, and I am ready to return to Ireland,,,We had terrific weather...no one could believe how sunny and warm it was...said usually rain interfered with so much. We were all so happy even to the very end..Some of the group when on to the 12 day tour..we stopped at Galway and another guide took us back to Dublin. I do not think we ever got a photo of the entire group..otherwise I would send it...nothing but a lovely memory now. The hostels never had a chair which I found strange..Next time, I think I would choose a bed and breakfast.

, 8 2016

Excellent in every part of the trip. Tour guide, and bus driver Brian Kerwin, was entertaining and factual. Lots of fun!

, 6 2016

Poor customer service by driver: 1 driver never left his seat to help with luggage or to direct to B and B. The male passengers on tour had to unload van.. Driver did not assist passenger who tripped and fell out of van close to a busy street. 2 driver consistently tailgates, exceeded speed limits and passed multiple cars/busses on narrow roads 3passengers had to ask repeatidly ask for Ac to be turned on while he had his window open. 4 driver gave minimal dialogue and did not give assistance in planning for the day. On the last day of the tour there was a different driver. While he was very friendly , he had to be asked to stop texting while driving after we almost went over the median.
Participants should be warned in advance that B and Bs may require carrying luggage up several flights of stairs with no assistance. Would not recommend this tour.

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