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clock-o5時間 (平均所要時間)
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  • ブルジュ・ハリファの展望台「アット・ザ・トップ」を含むドバイの最新建造物を巡る5時間のツアー
  • 美しい帆の形をしたブルジュ・アル・アラブ・ホテルで、美味しいアフタヌーンティーをお楽しみください
  • 一口サイズのサンドイッチやスコーンとお茶かコーヒーをいただきます
  • ドバイマリーナの縁にそびえ立つ高層タワーの写真を撮りましょう
  • ブルジュ・ハリファの124階にある展望台「アット・ザ・トップ」まであっという間に上がり、素晴らしい景色を360度お楽しみください
  • 音楽の滝、ライト、レーザーを含む壮大なドバイ・ファウンテン・ショーをご覧ください
  • 専門のガイドから、ドバイの建築革命についての魅力的な話をお聞きください



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, 10 2018

The main reason we booked this tour was for the lunch at Burj Al-Arab and we did not have enough time for the lunch on the day. The tour guide firstly took us to the marina which was not mentioned on the tour description so therefore 20 minutes was wasted. When we arrived at the burj we were told that we had 30 minutes before the buffet lunch was closed at 3.30pm and we were then allowed a further 10 minutes. When we finished lunch at 3.40pm we were then told to meet at the bus so no time to look around the hotel so all very rushed. It was our 30th wedding anniversary that day and we were so much looking forward to this lunch and visit to this hotel. There should have been no rush to get to the tower but there was. At these prices charged we were very disappointed and felt that the tour needs better planning to allow for a more relaxing lunch.

, 7 2018

This was a really good tour, especially if you want to see more of the tower and be treated like a VIP. With this tour I was able to avoid the crowds down below in the lower floors--and I went back home claiming that I was higher up than most everyone in Dubai, haha! On the downside, it was a bit expensive and you don't really get to see much more than you see on the 120th floor, to tell you the truth. The tea and other goodies that they offered were just okay, but the room was really nice. It did seem very private with plenty of time to enjoy the views in every single direction.

, 4 2018

This tour was excellent. The tour guide was very knowledgeable about the destinations and Dubai in general. The bus was comfortable and the food we ate at the Burj Al-Arab was very good.

, 4 2018

I was so looking forward to this trip but was very disappointed in the rushed manner of the afternoon tea. We were told we had 75 minutes only for the afternoon tea which was impossible as we didn't get any food for the first 20 minutes and in the end we had to take our cakes away or leave them, as we had seriously run behind on time due to the late service at the burj al-arab. The rush factor was a real shame as we found this seriously affected our enjoyment of this once in a lifetime time expensive/special event. The burj afternoon tea experience shouldn't be like this! On a positive note it was a amazing location and should of been savered not rushed! Also my friend was forced to sit in the back of a three row sit car which wasn't the easiest to get it in or exit, especially as we had dressed up for the occasion. The trip to the top was excellent and we didn't have too queue for too long to access the 124 and 125 floors via the lifts.
To recap more time is needed for the afternoon tea!

, 3 2018

This was an excellent day, really worth doing, it’s a must if you go to Dubai! Ok

, 3 2018

Good but expensive tea

, 3 2018

Great tour and friendly service. The problem is the poor tea service Al Arab was poor and not planned. The tea took for ever to come and it was cold. The desserts were so so and also took a long time. We could not enjoy the views because everything ran late at the tea servuce.

, 2 2018

A total waste of time and money! The afternoon tea at Burj Al-Arab is totally overrated and fantastically overpriced over 200!!!. I like high tea and had it in all parts of the world London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Moscow, Sydney, New York, etc. - usually you pay 3-4 times less for a comparable if not better food and service.

The tour was supposed to take us to Marina district but when I mentioned it to the tour guide he rudely stated that it was not on his route and that he would take us from Burj Al-Arab directly to Burj Khalifa. There he handed us the tickets to the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa and left as at the line to the elevators, that was the end of the tour. Practically zero information, the taxi driver would probably give your more info than the tour guide.

Totally disappointed.

, 2 2018

waste of money but been there done it

, 1 2018

Just brilliant , no more words needed

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