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  • ジョン F. ケネディ・メモリアル・プラザとグラシー・ノールを巡る歴史ツアー
  • ジョン・F・ケネディ大統領暗殺までの出来事、銃撃事件、その後について学びます。
  • 1963年11月22日の事件について事実とフィクションを区別しましょう。
  • ツアーには交通費と入場料がすべて含まれます。




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, 7 2018

The tour was interesting and we liked to see all the important parts of the day. However, the driver ruined this trip for my family. First he showed up late and he did not seem interested in having conversations with anyone but the three people who arrived with him at the Kennedy Memorial. My mother is handicapped and unable to walk long distances. To see the grassy knoll he parked by the Kennedy Memorial and we had to walk. That is too far of a distance for her. She had to sit in on a bench in the heat with nothing to drink for over an hour! Then when we arrived at the 6th Floor Museum he received a call and said it was the end of the tour and would not take us back to cars. Once again, a very big inconvenience for someone who his handicapped. It was an awful experience and an embarrassing one for my mother as it was obvious she was left out. We are very upset we were unable to enjoy what could have been a good tour. It was very frustrating and uncomfortable situation.

, 4 2018

Excellent tour. Pickup at both ends was on time. The guide was very knowledgeable and had an insight that you don't get from history books, movies or conspiracy theories. Money well spent.

, 4 2018

The tour guide was excellent and very passionate about JFK Assassination. We were able to get out and take pictures at several locations. We were very pleased that we were taken to Oswald's boarding house, the theatre which we probably would not have done on our own. I highly recommend this tour. Enjoyed ourselves very much!

, 3 2018

This was a great tour. Our guide Alex really knew everything about JFK and what happened. If you would like to have a guided tour with a lot of information and a guide who you can feel lives for the story. You should definitely book this one.

, 3 2018

Disappointed. Had huge expectations of this tour but the driver who picked us up just parked the minibus outside the book depository and gave as a running commentary of events before realising he had forgotten to collect another couple. Then we had a recap of all we had already been told to allow other tourists to get up to speed all whilst sitting outside the book depository. Then a whistle stop tour round to see where Lee Harvey Oswald lived having to ask if we could get out of minibus to take photos before then being driven to the theatre where we parked on the opposite side of the road for a quick photo stop before being driven back to the book depository to wander round at will.

, 3 2018

This was an amazing experience. Our guide, David was extremely personable and knowledgable. Despite sticking to the facts he was very open to other thoughts, ideas and theories. We saw and stopped at the most important sites including, the book depository, the grassy knoll where JFK was shot, the spot where Officer Tippit was allegedly shot, the movie theatre where Oswald was apprehended and he showed us the building where in the basement Jack Ruby fired the shots that killed Oswald.
David gave us clear explanations of the facts and even showed us pictures. His van was comfortable and clean.
The Dealy Museum was extremely well narrated with awesome pictures and films.
A great afternoon!!!!!Awesome experience!!!!
So glad we did this!

, 3 2018

Outstanding tour and insight. Highly recommend this.

, 3 2018

Johnny was brilliant, engaging and informative. The tour added depth to the museum by bringing the events of the day into an embodied present. excellent way of seeing, feeling and understanding.

, 3 2018

Tour was excellent and provide a lot more information than just going to the museum.
Our guide was fantastic, had so much local knowledge, shared stories and conspiracy theories and was a great character.
Definitely recommend

, 2 2018

This was interesting in several ways.... First and foremost we got the entire story of the infamous day of November 22 when the President was shot and killed. We got to see every stop on Lee Harvey Oswalds day, and a narrative of what happened when... The grassy knoll, the book store depository, even standing 5 feet from where he fired the shots, and you could see the street below with a big white X where his car was when the first shot hit... where Oswald lived, where he shot JD Tippet, and the movie theatre where he was captured... We traced his steps the entire day. Learned a lot of things I had never heard before, like the connections outside of the assassination that Tippett, Oswald and Ruby had.... The tour guide had lots of the photo reprints of the famous scenes, and proof of what he was telling us.... This tour even included a theory I had never heard before, but I am not a conspiracy theory expert... I would say it was worth the fee, and it includes 90 minutes to go through the museum. although I could have spent at least 2 hours there.

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