Dallas, テキサス州

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7時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


テキサスの二つの都市のツアーで最高のひと時をお過ごしください。このツアーでは、ジョン F. ケネディ・メモリアルやカウタウン・ミュージアムなどダラスとフォートワースの主要な観光名所などをめぐり、両都市について知っていきます。このツアーは車がないといけないような地域への移動もすべて含んでいます。
  • ダラスとフォートワースのガイド付きツアー
  • 都市圏全体の概要がよくわかり、初めて訪れる方にピッタリ
  • 町の歴史について学び、JFKメモリアルを含む主要な観光名所を訪れます
  • 少人数グループは最大催行人数11名までで、個々の経験を楽しめます



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, 6 2018

This was an excellent day of sightseeing. Johnny was a great tour tour guide, very knowledgeable about the whole area.

, 5 2018

Loved our guide. He was hilarious and full of knowledge about the area. Would recommend this tour to everyone in the Dallas area.

, 5 2018

Most enjoyable and informative. Only having four people made it very easy to get around. What a fun place is Fort Worth!

, 4 2018

So we decided we wanted to stay in Fort Worth for the entire day instead of doing the dallas tour. We organised with the company to stay and they said it would cost around 25 extra for us to stay there for the day and for them to pick us up once we were ready. We agreeed to this and stayed in contact with the company the rest of the day. When we went to the rodeo at 8pm they found me to see if we were still in Fort Worth and we told them that we were watching the rodeo and they told us thats fine give us a call when your ready to leave and we will send the car. However after many attempts at 10pm to contact the company. We were unable to get in contact. By 11pm we decided to call an Uber to take us back to Dallas. The company then rung to tell us that the power had been out and they were sorry that no one picked us up. However it is very unprofessional to leave 6 tourists stranded in a town away from their hotels. Would not recommend this tour company to anyone and would not partake in it again.

, 12 2017

This was our first trip to Dallas, Texas and I am happy to report that it was a good decision to book a tour with you! Seeing that we did not have our own transport it was very useful to be picked up at our hotel and the interesting stories told by Johnny, our tour guide, started right there. He was very knowledgeable on his subject and passionate about his job. Fort Worth is a gem - I really loved that town! We did a lot of sightseeing and visited many beautiful sights in both Dallas an Fort Worth. What I liked most is that we walked around so much as I love to take photographs of places of interest. Thanks, this was really a great tour!

, 11 2017

Very interesting tour guide. Covered a lot of interesting parts of Dallas and Fort Worth in a short time. But, a bathroom stop somewhere is needed.

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