Copenhagen, デンマーク

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デンマークの首都をゆくこのガイド付きツアーで、コペンハーゲンの定番の名所ではなく、あまり観光客のいない穴場を訪れてみましょう。ヴェスターブロの飛び切りおしゃれな地区やMndenes hjemホームレスシェルター、レッドライト地区(風俗街)、グリーンライト地区(大麻販売地区)、それに自称“クリスチャニア自治区”を訪れましょう。自由な労働者の地区やあごひげを生やしたヒプスターの住む地区など、あらゆる場所を探訪しましょう。
  • コペンハーゲンの知られざる一面を見る、裏名所ガイド付きツアー
  • クリスチャニアを散策しましょう。ここは何でもありの自由な町、ヒッピーの自称「独立国家」です
  • ホームレスシェルターを訪れてみましょう。デンマークと言う国がどのようにホームレスに待遇しているかご覧ください
  • みんながあまり知らないようなコペンハーゲンの裏名所をのぞいて見ましょう



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, 8 2018

Our tour guide Martin was quite knowledgeable with a good sense of humor. Not your normal Copenhagen tour, it brought us to such areas as the meat packing district (which is now a trendy hipster area). I really enjoyed the hot dog/beer pit stop along the way. We then went to part of the town that Christiania is in. Outside tours are apparently not allowed inside Christiana so he brought us near an entrance and told us all about it and then we were able to explore it on our own. My only knock is that the entrance that he brought us to was a side entrance that there wasn’t much near. When we went inside, we really didn’t know where to go (which did offer an opportunity for exploring though). The main entrance as it turns out was just around the corner. It would have been better if he mentioned where the main entrance was.

, 8 2018

Alan was an excelent guide that gave us a lot of insights about copenhagen's hidden neighbourhoods! Worth attending this tour since it has nothing to do with the mainstream touristic tours; it is much more realistic on what copenhagen has to offer to its residents and visitors.

, 6 2018

Loved our tour and tour guide! Got to see a different side and learn parts of its history of Copenhagen that a more conventional tour wouldn't provide.

, 4 2018

Got a little preachy at times, especially regarding prostitution. It was too cold to stand for long periods of time. On the positive side, we ended up, later, going to a couple of great restaurants in the Meatpacking area. We discovered them as part of the tour.

, 1 2018

The tour was more than we've expected and our guide was very informative, funny and despite the bad weather have managed to made us feel really interested in the stories of all the neighbourhoods and interesting parts of Copenhagen we've visited. A really good one, totally recommend it!

, 11 2017

They gave us the wrong meeting point and forgot to tell us it had been changed, and we ended up mislng the tour!

, 9 2017

This was an informative, interesting walk around familiar areas of Copenhagen with historical, cultural and social highlights that I had not discovered on my own independent wanderings - with a very special final stop!

, 8 2017

If you want to see the parts of Copenhagen not in the normal tours and sights to see, this is the tour for you. You will get a little history of how Copenhagen has tried to deal with homelessness, prostitution, and drugs. You'll also find out about the development of the city. But be prepared for a LOT of walking! The tour guide was very knowledgeable and sensitive to participants ability to keep up, waiting for folks to catch up before talking, not a common practice.

, 8 2017

Interesting to learn how Copenhagen deals with social problems. The tour description indicates that we'll get to see a homeless shelter. We did not -- but we did go to an area of the town where there are some and the services they offer were described. Also, the tour no longer actually goes INTO Christiana. You can do that on your own. The tour description needs to to updated. Also, they do not have a very systematic way of keeping track of who has actually paid so they had to re-check and count the number in the group a couple of times. Maybe have a better way to keep track?

, 8 2017

Le guide ne s'est jamais présenté au point de rdv.
Je n'ai aucune réponde de Viator suite à ma réclamation et ma demande de remboursement.

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