ケルン, ドイツ

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Time8時間 30分 (平均所要時間)
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ケルンからケーニッヒスヴィンターの観光クルーズでライン川の景色とざわめきを丸一日堪能しましょう。ライン川岸の雄大な城や教会、ブドウ園のパノラマを説明付きで楽しんだ後は二つのうち一つのケーニッヒスヴィンターの観光名所を訪れます。SEA LIFE ケーニッヒスヴィンターか古城であるドラッヒェンブルグ城があり、ライン渓谷を見下ろせるドラッヘンフェルスまで走るラック式鉄道のどちらかから選べます。
  • ケルンからケーニッヒスヴィンターへのライン川クルーズで、お好みのアクティビティをご選択いただけます
  • ライン川の歴史的な水辺地帯の見どころに関する船上での生の解説をお楽しみください
  • ケーニッヒスヴィンター・シー・ライフ水族館で水中の生き物をご覧ください。家族連れには最適です。
  • 歯車式の鉄道に乗り、ドレ―チェンフェルス・クリフへ上ります。
  • ドレ―チェンフェルス城の古代遺跡を訪れ、ライン谷を見渡していただけます。
 1つはSEA LIFE ケーニッヒスヴィンター水族館で、120種2,000以上の生物と36の展示があります。タコの洞窟やジュラシックシー、幽霊船とエイの水槽など見どころがたくさんあります。ドイツでも珍しい360度アクリルガラス張りのトンネルは必見で、興味があればヒトデやカニと触れ合えるプールもおすすめです。家族全員が楽しめる場所となっています。



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, 10 2017

Apart from the fact it rained most the day the trip was very pleasant. You can buy food and drink on board - a giid way to pass the time on the trip up the Rhine. Konigswinter is a very pretty town with lots of places to eat. There was a little festival going on in the main square whike we there. We took the cog railway up to Drachenberg Castle which was very interesting and had good views. We didn't see the ruins of the old Schloss which might have been higher.

, 9 2017

I enjoyed the cruise very much,service was excellent R P

, 8 2017

Lovely trip down the river in the sun. Konigswinter and the Drachenfels were really enjoyable, and the journey cruising down the Rhine on the deck in the sun was half the fun. The boat is very comfortable - and the trip was very good value. It would have been nicer perhaps to have a little bit more time in Konigswinter, we felt slightly pressured to be back in time for the return trip, though we did manage to do everything we wanted. Definitely recommended.

, 8 2017

The only things I would change is the amount of people on the ship. It was a little crowded once 2-3 stops were made.

, 5 2017

Cruise was long and not that much to see. Konigwinter was a cute and quaint town. Top of Drachenfel had awesome and amazing views (best part of day). 45mins late going back. Only 1trip back to Cologne...felt rushed...not enough time spent in Konigwinter...just enough time to see Drachenfel. Poor!

, 9 2016

Es war ein wunderschöner Tag! Die Bootsfahrt und auch die Fahrt mit der Zahnradbahn auf den Deachenfels und Schloss Drachenburg waren sehr schön. Auch den Kindern hat es gut gefallen!!

, 8 2016

Overall, a very nice cruise! Trip to Konigswinter felt a little long with not much narration about what we were seeing. But Konigswinter and Drachenfels Cliff more than made up for it. Konigswinter is an exceedingly charming little town and the ruins at Drachenfels had spectacular views.

, 7 2016

Very nice tour overall. More narrative about the buildings along the Rhine would have been appreciated. The train to the top of the mountain was fun!

, 5 2016

Saw one castle for a 10 hour excursion. Almost all of the time on the boat was in either a residential or industrial area. Definitely not the trip you want to take if your thought is to see the Rhine. The town we ported at was OK but no doubt it was laid out for tourists.

, 9 2015

The four hour ride down the Rhein was nice! The boat was very nice and clean, wasn't too pleased with the menu though, not too many options. Plenty of seating inside and outside on the decks. Drachenfels was beautiful and worth the view. The town was also nice with a few shops and restaurants.

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