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  • 5.5時間でワイパラワイン地域の4つのブティックぶどう園を訪れるワイントレイルツアーをお楽しみください。
  • ワイパラ地区の4つのブドウ園を訪れるワインテイスティングツアw
  • 現地ガイド
  • クライストチャーチ中心部のホテルへの送迎

クライストチャーチ中心部のホテルからバスで出発し、ガイド付きの40分間のドライブでワイパラに到着します。サウスアイランドのブルジョワワイン地域の一つです。ノース・カンタベリーの4つのブティックブドウ園のガイド付きツアーでセラーや試飲室を訪れ、レッドワインとホワイトワインの素晴らしいセレクションからのサンプルを味わってください (下記参照)。 

クライストチャーチのホテルへお送りする前のランチでは、ワインに良く合う新鮮な季節の料理をお楽しみください (ランチを選択した場合)

  • ワイパラヒルズ (マッドハウス):賞を受賞したピノグリとリースリングや、セラーにあるその他様々なワインを味見してください。
  • ペガサス湾のワイナリー:持続的ブドウ栽培により、ワインの複雑な味わいとフルーツの特質が強調されました。
  • トーレシーワイン:ワイパラバレーにある手作りワインが自慢です。ゴールドメダルを受賞したトーレシー・ゲヴェルツトラミネールとワイパラ・ソービニョンブランを生産しています。
  • ワイパラスプリングスワイナリー:64エーカー (26ヘクタール) のブドウ園は、多種のワイパラスプリングスとプレモラベルのブドウを栽培しています。サザンバウンダリーワインセラードアを訪れ、ビンテージワインを味見してください。



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, 3 2018

Great tour and definitely a fun way to spend your afternoon in Christchurch.

, 3 2018

Visited four wineries and were able to taste a good selection of wines at each. Had a nicely balanced lunch platter at Waipara Springs. Informative commentary from our driver en route to Waipara but thought the staff at some wineries could have told us a bit about the history and wine production. Stand out for me was the guy and wines at Greystone/Muddy waters

, 1 2018

Wonderful afternoon with a well versed driver. Our start with a most delicious lunch and amazing wine pairings, then three more wineries sampling delightful wines. Each winery had its own special appeal and the hosts were extremely welcoming, knowledgeable and friendly.
Recommend it highly!

, 12 2017

Pick up was right on time from Christchurch City Center. Wineries in the region specialize in white wines and lighter reds like Pinot Noir, so expect a lot of these on your tasting menu. Definitely bring some cheese and crackers for a snack, as the tour doesn't stay long enough at any winery to order food or even a charcuterie plate. Would have liked to have a little more time to linger at some of the vineyards. The last one - Pegasus Bay - definitely the nicest on the tour with the best quality wines. I would definitely recommend going just to see their grounds!

, 11 2017

most of things was very good, especially tasting wine and lunch volume. only one thing, because of my less ability of English, I couldn't catch enough explanation about wine, or couldn't communicate well with the other participants who were all English native speakers. I felt it's a little difficult for Asian people to attend this kind of course...

, 10 2017

Two of the wineries were fantastic, but the other two let the tour down. One of the servers in particular was very poor and put us offside with her attitude towards wines in my home state. It is meant to be a experience not a competition between two wine regions. She could not understand that we enjoyed the wines at home and went on this trip to experience different wines from a different region. The other winery was very busy with one server trying to look after 3 groups and was unable to get to know us and our tastes. It was a shame because I had heard a lot of good reports about this winery.

, 10 2017

Excellent Tour - Greystone, Waipara Hills, and Pegasus Bay were excellent in regard wines and tasting process. The first winery Waipara Springs where we had lunch the tasting process was poor, just refilled glasses no discussion. The problem may be trying to do the tasting with lunch?


, 6 2017

Good tour though much of the time was spent in the mini van as the wineries are far from Christchurch and the road is busy. The wineries visited were well laid out and attractive, however the wines were only ok, not up to Marlborough area wine standards, the plus was the lunch provided which was excellent.
A pleasant day out if you have a day to spare.

, 6 2017

We had a great day from pickup to drop off. Our guide was extremely friendly with a great sense of humour. Tasting plate lunch was delicious and very generous. Wines were plentiful and varied at all four wineries. We needed to take this tour on arrival so we could purchase wines to drink while we were in NZ!!! No pressure to purchase was appreciated. Certainly recommended

, 4 2017

Excellent value for money, so many wines,.... so little time!!! Lunch was superb and a great idea to have it as the first stop and tasting, so we all got to sit around a table, introduce ourselves and chat. The wineries were lovely, informative and very friendly, no rushing you out the door for the next group. Our group was 9 and we certainly had the full attention of the hosts, without the pressure to buy.

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