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$61.62 USD



Time3時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


  • 3時間のウォーキングとグルメループ地区ツアー
  • シカゴの伝統の味を味わう
  • パブリックアートを鑑賞
  • 12人以下の少人数グループ
  • ツアー最後にアート・インスティチュートに入場

$61.62 USD

521 S Deaborn Street に位置する有名なジーノズイーストピッツァリアに向かい、グルメなガイドと12人までの少人数グループの面々と落ち合います。最初の味はクラシックなシカゴディープディッシュピッツァ。ニューヨークとシカゴのライバル関係でも頻繁に引き合いに出されます。次の歴史的グルメスポット、ディップドイタリアンビーフサンドウィッチを訪れる前にシカゴディープディッシュのどこがこんなにも特別なのか学びます。このクラシックなサンドウィッチの源泉を探り、ここシカゴでどのように根付いたのかに耳を傾けます。






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, 9 2018

Outstanding tour - easy walk between locations. Blair was a superb host - very engaged and very informative. Highly recommend this tour!!

, 8 2018

We had 4 days in Chicago and booked this tour based on the reviews we read. Our guide was so nice and filled with information and history of the city. Not only did we sample a myriad of delicious delights but we also toured some historical Chicago sights. The maximum number of people on any tour is 12 but we only had 6 so it made for a more intimate and fun afternoon. This tour is highly recommended and should not.be missed. Book in advance as spaces go quickly! By the way, don’t eat breakfast because there is so much yummy food to try!

, 7 2018

I hate giving this tour only 3 stars but here is why -
1 Viator lists this tour as ending at the Art Institute of Chicago. It does NOT. That was the main reason I signed my husband and I up for the tour since it said we could stay at the end of the tour. I had been looking forward to a nice wander in the Art Institute hall of armor! all week but nope tour doesn't go there and according to our tour guide hasn't gone there in over a year. Thanks for nothing Viator!
2 I had injured my knee the day before doing too many steps in Chicago and the last stop on the tour, and the one that I was really, really looking forward to involved climbing up more than 20 steps. Why the heck isn't that mentioned? So basically I didn't get the whole tour and I have to say I was not/am not happy about that.

Aside from that Blair, our tour guide, was funny and informative. He took us to places in Chicago that I had never seen before and I've been going there for almost 20 years. Great job Blair! Awful job Viator.

, 7 2018

Great tour, great food. Blair was knowledgeable and fun. We ate more than enough. Highly recommend this tour.

, 3 2018

Definitely worth the money. Do NOT make plans for an early dinner as you will be full. Be prepared to walk - and at a fairly quick pace. There was a lot included in this tour and you keep moving when you are not eating. No extra money needed but if you want a drink with your pizza or a wine with dessert bring a few extra dollars. Great history of food and of the city. The admission to the museum was a bonus - but we had evening plans and could not linger after the official tour. Would recommend to all who can walk at a fair pace. Over 4hrs when we parted ways.

, 11 2017

We had so much fun on this tour! Our guide Blair was very knowledgeable and besides our food stops, he took us to the Chicago Public Library to see the Winter Garden and also pointed out a number of outside art pieces outside a number of public buildings. I loved learning the history behind how the foods became to be and the last stop of the tour, while not quintessential Chicago, was really nice.

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