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, 3 2017

Lily was my private tour guide. I cannot say enough good things about her. Reasonably fluent in English, Lily took care of my needs, was flexible in our itineraries, and making sure I had a wonderful time. She was punctual meeting me at the hotel. Throughout the trip, she would teach and inform me about local Chinese culture.

The highlight of my trip was being at the summit of Emei, with a breathtaking view overlooking the mountains amidst crisp air. It was a breath of fresh air after we had hiked for more than 30 mins on a snowy day, after getting out of the cable car. Luckily it wasn't cloudy, making the view all the more spectacular. Even if you are not a Buddhist, you can still admire and marvel at the statue and monastery atop the mountion, 3,000 ft above sea level.
Travelling by speed train was comfortable and fast.
A 3 -4 star hotel, the accomodation that night was fantastic and quiet, only 200 meters from Baoguo temple.
The next day she took me to Leshan giant Buddha, followed by a nice lunch by the river and some hiking, before the driver picked us up to the speed train station, back to Chengdu.
In the city of Leshan, such a surprise it was I got to paint Chinese calligraphy in addition to strolling around that city in a sunny afternoon. Yes, you are paying extra for the private tour, which is worth every penny! I've always opted for quality over quantity.

In summary, here is what you'll get using Lily's service:
1. A new friend to accompany you who is knowledgeable in her field
2. A customizable trip
3. Someone who genuinely cares about your total experience during the trip

, 1 2017

When I booked this tour, I received all the information about my tour guide name of the company, telephone number and email address. From the moment I contacted Mrs. Lily Chen company owner by email, she was attentive to details and to my needs. She met me on time at the lobby of my hotel. Her English is great and she is a very knowledgeable and warm person. All the travel arrangements were good and in the schedule.

She took me to the train station in Chengdu and we took the high speed train 200km/h to Emeishan. It was a wonderful experience to be in a very comfortable train. In my visit to Emai Mountain and the Leshan Giant Buddha, I was one of the very few non-Chinese visitors but with Lily as my guide, I felt so relaxed and comfortable. On the way to the summit, you can see the change of vegetation and lots of waterfalls. On Golden Summit was the impressive giant gold statue of Buddha, it felt very spiritual to be there.

On my way to Wannian Monastery, I saw several Tibetan monkeys. They are so cheeky and could easily take food and water from a distracted tourist. At night I stayed in a very comfortable hotel near Baoguo Monastery. It was a short walk to restaurants and shops. Lily encouraged me to join her for a typical Chinese dinner. At the beginning I was reluctant but it was great! We had 100 local food and it was yummy! We took the bus to the next town and a short ride on a tricycle that made me laugh a lot.

On the second day Lilly recommended visiting the Fuhusi temple in the morning. So, I woke up early and walked to the temple. It was a magical walk with a stream and bamboo trees and nobody around. After checking out, we went to Leshan Giant Buddha. We joining the queue and walked down 300 steps to see the Buddha. It is impressive! We also walked to different temples and had different views of the area. We had a good vegetarian lunch at the local restaurant with a river view. After lunch, we took the river boat to get a different view of the Buddha. It was great to see the different views from the boat and from walking around the Buddha.

In resume, my guide Lily made my trip so special and she gave me an experience that felt authentically Chinese. I really enjoyed my time will Lily. It felt like I was travelling with a good friend. I would highly recommend her company.

+81 6 4560 2975
お問い合わせはこちら:+81 6 4560 2975