George Town, ケイマン諸島

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clock-o4時間 (平均所要時間)
comment使用言語: 英語


この4時間のケイマン諸島ツアーで、ラムとビールのテイスティングツアーに出かけた後、伝説に名高いセブン マイル ビーチでくつろぎましょう。フレンドリーな現地ガイドと共に、島で唯一のラム蒸留所を訪れ、ラムがどのように蒸留されるのかを学び、異なる品種をいくつか味わってみましょう。続いて現地の醸造所で醸造行程を見学し、4つの異なる品種を試飲してお気に入りを選びましょう最後の目的地はセブン マイル ビーチにあるセブン マイル ビーチ クラブです。ここでは、ビーチ施設、無料WiFi、シャワー、更衣室、バー、レストラン、プールをご自由にお楽しみいただけます。
  • ラムとビールのテイスティングツアーに出かけた後、伝説に名高いセブン マイル ビーチでくつろぎましょう
  • 島で唯一のラム蒸留所を訪れ、ラムがどのように蒸留されるのかを学び、異なる品種をいくつか味わってみましょう
  • 現地の醸造所で醸造行程を見学し、4つの異なる品種の中からお気に入りを選びましょう
  • ロイヤル パームズ ビーチ クラブで、ビーチ施設、無料WiFi、シャワー、更衣室、バー、レストラン、プールをご自由にお楽しみください



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, 10 2018

Leo and Matthew were great tour guides and excellent to be around. They had great knowledge about the tour and the Cayman Islands. The tour was great and they made it a lot of fun.

, 9 2018

The rum distillery was a great tour. Ice did a great job and she welcomed us with open arms. The company Amvivo is not a good host of this tour. The driver Jamar has a slick mouth and is not a good tour guide. He was trying to get over a hangover from the night before. So while we was at the Rum Distillery he left us and we waited about 25 mins after our tour was over waiting on him to pick us up. Then, we were supposed to go to the brewery tour but they said they don’t go there anymore so they were taking us to the beach. They did not inform us of that before our tour he told us while he was taking us to the beach. Talking about its some beer in the cooler if we want a beer!! We talked to his boss Leonardo and he was no help either. We did enjoy the rum distillery and the beach but the company Amvivo does not have good customer service and is not a good host for this tour. I will not book this tour or any other tours if this company Amvivo is the host for the tour. They need to be trained on being professional and learn how to communicate with people. Also, because we were a few minutes late coming from the beach to the bus Jamar was told by his boss Leonardo to leave us so not professional. Luckily some of my family were on the van and did not let him leave us. But it was okay for him to leave us waiting at the distillery for 25 minutes. But my overall trip to Cayman Islands was good minus the company Amvivo hosting our tour.

, 5 2018

Tour guide was fun and flexible. Great tour.

, 4 2018

Every minute of this tour was great. Leo, our tour guide was amazing! He wanted us to be happy. We loved the explanations at the brewery and distillery, very interesting. The rum really flowed! The beach club was nice, the snorkeling was amazing.

, 3 2018

The tour was really worth it. We tasted several rum cakes. The Brewery tour was very informative and the samples were tasty. We would do it again.

, 3 2018

Although the transportation was 30 minutes late, the tour around the brewery and distillery was very good. The beers and numerous rums were continually topped up and I really had a great time. The coconut rum is especially good!

, 3 2018

It was a fun time and would do it again for sure. The rum cake part is not so really needed or fun, but the rum distillery and the brewery tasting was great. Note: No tour of the brewery was included... only the tasting....

, 3 2018

It was a great experience, everyone was friendly, helpful, professional. The rum Distillery was fascinating and all the rum you wanted to taste. Cayman Brew was great. Really enjoyed there beer, as much as you wanted also.. Wish we could get it here. An added bonus was a buffet lunch great food. We stopped at the beach. They were very conscious of our time frame to get back to ship on time. I would highly recommend this tour. Can't say enough about this tour. Great experience.

, 3 2018

We had a group of 11 on this tour. We had a wonderful time! Our driver/tour guide Leo was the best! If you are lucky enough to have him as your guide, you will have a great time. He is very knowledgeable and we had so much fun with him!

, 2 2018

This tour was amazing!

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