カンクン, メキシコ

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clock-o7時間 30分 (平均所要時間)
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  • 双胴船で行くコントイ島とムヘーレス島の終日ツアー
  • 鳥類保護区とサンゴ礁を探検
  • 無人島での昼食
  • ムヘーレス島観光
  • コンチネンタル・ブレックファースト、ビュッフェ式昼食、お飲み物込み
  • 必要な装備は全てご用意いたします





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, 3 2018

Just perfect. Hightly reccomend it. Amazing waters.

, 3 2018

Alexes, Joseph, Diego and Christian did a wonderful, professional, yet fun snorkeling, island tour! Surf was high so we went to a more protective location. Visibility sos, a little shallow in one spot. Best fish lunch we had during our week stay in area!! Wish I remembered the spice Diego?!Thank u!

, 2 2018

The water was quite rough the day we went out, so some people were sick - if you tend to get sea sick, take gravol before you go on this. Also, the snorkelling was not bad but we were rushed through the pre-defined route, and the people were running into each other because the some people were faster than others. A bit more space between groups and smaller groups maybe 5-6 would be better - less time on the beach and more time snorkelling! Also, becuase of the roughness of the water, it was quite cloudy -not the tours fault.... Then lunch was very good - especially the charcoal bbq'd chicken and fish. After the quite natural beauty of Contoy, the noisy commercialism of Isla Mujeres was a bit jarring - maybe even more so because it was carnival time and there was tons of loud music and people everywhere. I would have been happier to stay on Contoy for the whole day!

, 1 2018

I enjoyed this excursion very much.

, 12 2017

Very friendly staff on boat they were a lot of fun and kept the trip lively. Isla Contoy was beautiful and the tour guide was terrific his knowledge of the island and it's history was solid. Lunch was excellent and at one point we were the only people on the island. I did not enjoy Isla Mujeres very much it was a bit squalid and everyone wanted to pull you into their stores which for the most part were filled with junk that could have been made in China.

, 7 2017

Truly amazing experience, I strongly recommend it! Make sure you book in advance as there are only 200 entry to the Island per day.

, 5 2017

Given previous experience with other snorkeling adventures elsewhere in the Caribbean, I have to say that this trip was very disappointing. The whole trip started on a bad note when the ride included with the package never managed to show up nor did the tour company call us to inform us that they were late. We had to get the wonderful concierge at the JW Marriott help us contact the company and get things straightened out. Once there we were rushed to the boat since they were already late. Does this mean that we would have been left if we had not called them? There was only one snorkeling experience near Cancun about a 20 minute ride out from port where the water was so rough that unless you were a strong swimmer, the crew smartly and justly stated you should not go out to snorkel and that there were be another snorkeling experience once we got to Isla Contoy. However, that was misleading as well. The hour ride out to the island, albeit beautiful was rough. Once we got to island, we found out that the snorkeling experience was just free time to swim. However, even that was fine given that Isla Contoy was beautiful. However, what was annoying was cutting our time at Isla Contoy short to stop by Isla Mujeres. Maybe there are parts of Isla Mujeres that are beautiful but the part of the island our tour stopped was not pleasant nor entertaining, Our group with the majority of the boat sat and waited in the food court and wasting our vacation time wishing our boat would come back faster and sooner. The time as Isla Mujeres would have been better spent at Isla Contoy. However, the bright spot of trip was the crew. The crew made the trip tolerable and bearable. The two stars were earned purely by the crew on board the ship. As the land crew did nothing to even help us get back to our hotel helpful. I had to go searching for the driver that would take us back home since once we landed and got off the boat, it was pure chaos once again.

, 4 2017

We've had a fantastic time, the crew was very entertaining and the group was fun.
Isla Contoy was absolutely beautiful, worth seeing and visiting. Lunch was very good and drinks plentiful. Could have done with another hour at Isla Mujeres so we could enjoy more time on the beach. Overall well worth it!

, 4 2017

This tour was overpriced. Our weather was not perfect; it was drizzling and had been raining all day, so inside the boat was soaked-floors, tables, seats. There were lots of leaks from the ceiling -water was pouring in on the tables from ceiling leaks. We had rust water continuously dripping on ours

, 4 2017

EXCELLENT right from the time we booked it online. Booking it was easy.The shuttle pick up and delivery back home was simple and on time. Very nice drivers! The tour itself was the highlight of our vacation. The crew who took us out were informative. personable, passionate about what they do and fun. My 16 year old an I have never snorkeled before. We are ok swimmers. We felt very safe out in the open sea with our guide. He assured that his group was safe and always with him. He also gave us pointers about snorkeling. Isla Contoy was INCREDIBLE!! We didn't want to leave! Lots of wildlife: on the boat ride there 2 dolphins swam around the boat. Once on the island we saw a stingray and many different kinds of tropical fish swimming in the beach area, many beautiful birds and a crocodile on the other side where the lagoon was. The crew cooked us a beautiful meal and we ate it in the picnic area amongst the iguanas and hermit crabs - SUPER COOL! After Isla Contoy, we headed to Isla Mujeres. It's a completely different island than Isla Contoy...busy with people and very commercialized. We enjoyed our time there but wished we were back at Isla Contoy. Christian, the photographer with the group, is very talented and we purchased the pics he took of us. The photos are among some of our favorites from the whole vacation. At the end of our trip we were upset to see very little tipping of the crew. These guys spent the entire day with us and worked their tails off the whole time. Please be sure to bring enough to tip 7-9 very passionate, hard working crew members. Also REMEMBER: Eco-friendly sunscreen. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TRIP!!!!!!!!!

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