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  • カンクン・スーパーセイバー1日ツアー、トゥルム遺跡、コバ遺跡をまとめて大特価で。
  • 驚異的な遺跡2か所を探索しながら、古代マヤ文明に思いを馳せましょう。
  • 秘密の地下のくぼみで泳ぎます
  • 心ゆくまで自由時間を楽しみましょう
  • ユカタン半島料理のビュッフェランチを堪能
  • カンクンまたはプラヤ・デル・カルメンのホテルからの往復交通を含みます







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, 6 2018

Super Saver This is the most ironic thing I have ever read in my life. If you want to have a day where you are extremely overcharged for what is a terrible day out then go for it. To start our day off we were told to be ready for pick up at 7:20 AM, gets to 8AM no sign of the bus and then after ringing the company 4 times we kept being told its 5 minutes away. Eventually they then told us to walk all the way to another hotel to be picked up so the day already was not off to a good start. Now my first issue begun, the tour we had been booked on had around 60-70 people on which is not what I had thought I was paying for and from reviews and the extortionate price we had expected small group sizes. The first drop off is Tulum which was a lovely small ruin however the entry fee is 70 pesos around 5, if you actually add up the cost of all the places visited it comes to 140 pesos for entry fees per person around 10. Granted lunch is included however it was a buffet lunch in a dirty flooded restaurant right next to the Coba ruins and the food itself was incredibly below average. The tour is nowhere near the 75 per person we were made to pay and I would have been reluctant to even pay 30.

Strongly do not recommend going.

, 5 2018

Alexis, a native Mayan of the Yucatan Peninsula, is so well-educated and makes this tour so much fun! Our van had 12 people, a nice small group and each site Coba, the Cenote swim and lunch, and Tulum was different, each with it's own appeal and each with it's own history. It's a pretty long day...about 11 hours...but well worth it for anyone interested in history and culture. Don't miss it!

, 5 2018

Great Tour. Driving was a little scary but I think that might be how it is in Mexico. The Coba ruins was amazing and we were able to climb to the top. Lunch was tasty and the cenote was beautiful to see. We did not get in the water however. Great tour guide !!

, 4 2018

Had a good time. The ruins are fabulous

, 4 2018

Mauricio and Tito were great! Tulum is super packed but the views are nice. The tour guide was Mauricio and he was very nice and informative. Tito was a great driver. COBA WAS AMAZING!!! I loved being able to climb up the ruins.

, 4 2018

Both Tulum and Coba ruins are pretty interesting to visit. It was a little rushed to visit both places in one day. Our tour guide and bus driver are professional and mostly on time. Cenote is ok to visit. The changing room and restaurant at cenote are not up to my previous Viator standard and expectation. The time in Cenote was a little too long. I wish I can stay in both Mayan ruins a little longer. Climbing Coba pyramid is a great experience. It was also fun riding Mayan limousine. Wish I can explore a bit more in Coba ruin. It was overall a good day trip.

, 3 2018

We had a blast with our group. It was a large group but the guides were really helpful and happy to help with any other tours or places we wanted to visit! The only down side was that it was not an authentic Cenote but was man-made to look like a lazy river.

, 3 2018

This tour was great. We loved Tulum and its unique remnants of the city it once was. Our tour guide, Luis Estrella, explained everything perfectly and knew each one of us in the group personally by the end. He was interested in each of us and our needs the entire time. The Cenote swim was much better than we expected- we cant wait to swim in another one! We loved Coba! The history is rich and our guides knowledge of the area at the time and the Mayan culture enhanced our experience and our relationship with the amazing civilization that once inhabited these parts. We definitely recommend this tour. We would love to have Luis Estrella as a tour guide for future excursions out of Cancun!

, 3 2018

Luis and his staff were amazing hosts. He knew alot about all the ruins we visited so I appreciated all the cultural things that I learned from him while marvelling at the Mayan structures. There was nothing about the tour that I disliked. The bus ride was ultra comfortable, and spacious. The food served at lunch was delcious and I appreciate the time the hosts took to make those meals for us. The cenote we visited was a nice, refreshing surprise and I met some great people along the way. Definitely would recommend this tour for others to try!

, 3 2018

Smaller groups are always better to me. Luis was so knowledgeable and passionate it was very impressive.
I would have preferred a little less time at this particular cenote, but very beautiful.
Also, we are foodies and most meals in Mexico on this trip were below our standards. We decided to be grateful for what we got.

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