カイロ, エジプト

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このギザ、サッカラ、メンフィスを訪れる1日プライベートツアーで、時間を巻き戻し古代エジプトを訪れることができます。エジプト学者の個人ガイドと共に壮大なギザのピラミッドを鑑賞しましょう。太古の墓とスフィンクスについて学んだ後は、カイロを離れてサッカラのジェセル王のピラミッドを訪れます。この偉大な階段ピラミッドは、エジプト最古のピラミッドとして知られています。最後に古代エジプトの首都であったメンフィスへと向かい、ラムセス2世の巨大な彫像を含む、ユネスコ世界遺産地にも登録されている遺跡を訪れます。 プライベートツアーならではの柔軟な旅程をお楽しみください。アップグレードにより昼食とギザのソーラー・ボート・ミュージアムへ入場することができます。
  • カイロ発、大ピラミッドとスフィンクス、サッカラ、そしてメンフィスのプライベート日帰りツアー
  • 三大ピラミッドのそれぞれをガイド付きでご案内
  • 謎に満ちたスフィンクスを訪れます
  • サッカラでエジプト最古のピラミッドを堪能
  • 古代エジプトの都、メンフィス
  • エキスパートである古代エジプト学者のガイド付きで、特別なプライベートツアーをお楽しみください
プライベートツアーはカイロまたはギザのホテルにお迎えに上がるところから始まります。空調完備のミニバンに乗ってギザ台地に向かいます。 ガイドと共に観光地に向かい、ピラミッドを見学します。3人のファラオのために紀元前2500年頃にどのように墓が建てられたのかについて、ガイドの解説を聞きながら写真を撮ることができます。


雄大なスフィンクスを眺めた後は、オプションで太陽の船博物館へも入場できます。料金はお客様のご負担となりますのでご了承ください。ここでは保存状態の良いクフ王の葬儀用の船が見られます。クフ王はギザ最大のピラミッドを持つファラオです。 現存する木製のボートが、どのように発見されたのか、またどのように考古学者が収集したのかを知ることができます。







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, 4 2018
, 3 2018

Michael was a great tour guide. The tour was everything we paid for and more. Great explanation and helpful additional bits too. Driver was amazing in Cairo traffic. Highly recommend for families or couples.

, 1 2018
, 12 2017

Great day! Very knowledgeable guide!

, 11 2017

tres bien correspond parfaitement au descriptif

, 11 2017

My tour guide H’naan was so knowledgeable and spoke English very well! I learned so much about egypt and the history of all the pyramids. I was having bank troubles and she was gracious enough spend a lot of extra time to find me help. She made me feel comfortable and at ease. Thank you very much!

, 10 2017

Highly recommended, Once the tour was booked everything was organised including hotel pickups and drop offs extremely organised. Make sure to bring some money to enter some pyramids, the camel ride around the pyramids which is a must do as well as some money for tipping and souvenirs. Tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and professional.

, 10 2017

This was our first tour while in Egypt and I'm glad we did it. Our guide, Egyptologist Ahmed Kamal was extremely knowledgable, professional, and helpful throughout our entire day. We were shuttled to and from each site in our own private van with minimum delay and most importantly, without the bother of the locals that are notorious to hustle tourists at the major sites. He not only provided Egypt's rich history but also local knowledge and viewpoints on numerous other subjects/topics. My boyfriend and I decided to do the camel ride around the Great Pyramids and it was 20.00 USD EACH or a twenty minute ride. Like everything else in Egypt, be sure to have the Egyptian Pound tor shopping, stops along the way and tips. Another tip is to get hydration tablets from your local sporting good store before leaving. Put a tablet in your bottled water and it helps tremendously to stay energized and hydrated throughout the long day in the desert heat.

, 9 2017

This trip was a Dream. Ahmed ElBestawy was amazing, I liked his calm manor , he was gentle and caring, as a solo woman traveler he made feel safe and comfortable .. He is so amazing in his knowledge of history and his love of Mother Egypt is contagious . I loved both days I was with him, his crazy driver was so much fun and I think he must be a race care driver in his free time. He makes you feel safe as he sips around Cairo like a true professional. I will be coming back to Egypt and will want to book both of them again.

, 9 2017

Mohammad WAS amazing !! I only had two days in Cairo so to make the most of it I booked a private guide for at least the first day. We saw it all. The guide and driver picked me up was very informative during the drive time and flexible for stops. I had such an amazing time in Giza, Sphinx Mamphis and Sakkara - I booked them for the next day to do the old city and museum

Viator and South Sinai Travel contact also followed up each day to make sure everything was going well - highly recommend South Sinai Tours

+81 6 4560 2975
お問い合わせはこちら:+81 6 4560 2975