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  • 専門のエジプト学者ガイドと行く、カイロとアレクサンドリアのプライベート3日間ツアー 
  • ギザの大ピラミッドやスフィンクスを見て、古代世界の不思議をご堪能ください
  • エジプト考古学博物館で古代エジプトの壮大な歴史に浸りましょう
  • ハーネルハリーリー市場やムハンマド・アリー・パシャモスクを訪ね、カイロの文化に触れましょう
  • エジプトで最も有名な町のひとつ、アレクサンドリアを観光します



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, 10 2018

Shaymaa was very kind, informative, and fun! We learned so much from her during our tour, and we managed to see so many highlights during our short trip. Our driver was lovely as well! It was a very well planned tour. Highly recommended!

, 5 2018

Our tour guide, Zenab, and our driver, Amr, were the best! Our tour was customized to fit the preferences of our group, which we greatly appreciated. We travelled as a family group of 7 and had ages 19 to 59 in our party. Zenab was able to please everyone in our party with compromises, which is pretty impressive. Saqqara has lots of hidden treasures and of course the Giza pyramids, the Sphinx and the camel ride is phenomenal. The history in Cairo and the beautiful statues and other King Tut era items are truly magnificent. The artwork on the sarcophagus and coffers are just amazing. Amazing!! The Egyptian Museum was a crowd favorite. Alexandria is beautiful for sure, but not really much to see or do there. You will spend at least 7 hours in the vehicle during the Alexandria site visit, which is NOT fun. It lead to at least 4-5 very grumpy travelers. We could have skipped the last day and would not have felt cheated. The inclusion in the first two days were well worth the price paid for the whole excursion. Overall the tour quality was excellent. Wi-Fi is available throughout the tours which is great since internet access throughout the country is spotty at best, even at the hotels.

, 4 2018

This Tour was awesome. Our guided, Zaneb, contacted us the day before the tour and arranged for an airport transfer to our hotel which was seamless and was an immense help getting us through the visa/customs process. Zaneb was awesome on the tour. She was very knowledgeable on all aspects and gave great information throughout the trip. On top of all the expected tour information, she gave us a guided tour through the museum before giving us free time. This added so much interesting facts rather than us staring at all the cool artifacts and reading about them. I feel like I got more out of the tour. Zaneb had great timing with the tour as well, literally at every big tourist spot the masses of people were coming as we were leaving. Our driver was great through all the crazy traffic in Cairo, he was very professional and got us to all of our destinations expertly and safely. Not that I expected to feel unsafe, but I definitely felt safe while driving and seeing all the sites.The food that was included was absolutely amazing. I went on this tour with three friends and would recommend it to anyone.

, 3 2018

The tour guides were amazing! They were so knowledgeable about any and everything we had questions about. They were so friendly and funny! We had a blast!

, 12 2017

If you want to experience all of Cairo hidden gems in 3 days this is the tour for you! Our tour guide, Khaled Mamdoh, is by far the best guide to have the most amazing time with. His energetic personality and extensive knowledge on Egypt's rich history will keep you excited to learn more about each site throughout the day. On our first day Khaled took us to lower Egypt to see Saqqara, the Pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza. We also got to witness the carpet trade work first hand from some very talented, young students in the nearby schools and purchased some truely incredible work. Thanks to Khaled we were able to capture the most memorable pictures. He is definitely the guide with the best spot and time of day to get the best views from each site. We finished the night with a dinner cruise and show on the Nile. A full day of adventures and memories with my sister. This definitely started our trip off perfectly and happy to continue our tour days. Side note - our driver was also amazing! Driving in Cairo is no joke and no way I would recommend a foreigner trying it here, get a good driver! We recommend Khaled and we advise to take his recommendations during the trip - you will have an unforgettable trip in Egypt :

, 11 2017

I really enjoyed this tour. The tour guide was excellent. She made the experience so enjoyable with her knowledge. There were places I was taken to that I did not expect. I felt at times like I was taken back in history to the start of civilisation. I got to see anything I wanted to see. The tour guide was also on time to pick me up from the hotel and the meals on the tour were excellent. Thank you lets explore Egypt Cairo egypt

, 11 2016

It was an amazing experience, Our guide Micheal is an outstanding guide with full of knowledge.

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