ケアンズ, オーストラリア

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clock-o4日 (平均所要時間)


  • ケアンズの4日間のPADIオープンウォーターコースで学び、ダイビング技能を取得しましょう
  • グレートバリアリーフでのダイビングを2日間経験することができます
  • エボリューション号上でのバーベキューランチを2度楽しむことができます
  • クラスには最大8名まで参加できます
  • プロの熟練インストラクターから学ぶことができます
  • ダイビング装備とウェットスーツのご用意があります
  • PADIオープンウォーターマニュアルとPADI認定カード(写真付き)が含まれます
  • 各日、ホテルまでの送迎








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, 4 2017

Our diving tour with Down Under Dive Cairns was a lot of fun. With Aaron, we had a great teacher and diving instructor. 2 days of classroom and pool training first, 2 days of reef diving and practical exam second. The gear for the pool training was all right, not the newest but still functional. On board of the EVOLUTION the diving gear was perfect. We visited Norman Reef and Hastings Reef on our two days out there. Perfect places to practice diving and to enjoy the magnificent sea world of the GBR. The only thing you have to take into account when booking is that the boat is one of the biggest in the harbour and there are lots of tourists going with you to do some snorkeling or diving at the reef sites, so it can get busy on board or in the water.

, 4 2017

Excellent scuba diving class! Will do the Advanced Open Water Diving Class next.

, 2 2017

This is a great course for anyone interested in learning to scuba dive. I'm not sure about the other instructors but Francesco was an amazing teacher. Extremely knowledgeable, patient and throws in some jokes as well. There's a lot to learn but it is common sense so most people should find it easy. The 2 days out on the Great Barrier Reef were amazing. So many beautiful things to look at. On the last dive, a 3 foot sea turtle came up to me and looked me in the eyes... something I will never forget! Our group was able to fit in 2 dives as well as 2 snorkeling sessions when we weren't diving, per day. Wish I had more time and I would have done the extra 2 days of diving for the advanced course. Highly recommend and you can't ask for a better setting on learning to dive than the Great Barrier Reef.

, 6 2016

Unreal. Best thing I did in Australia. If you can take the advanced course for the extra two days. I regret not planning to take it.

, 6 2015

Frankie is my instructor for this course. He's so kind and outgoing. Lecture class wasn't boring because of him. We done a lot of skills in first two days and enjoy four dives at the reef. Plenty of food on the boat. SUPERB!! DELICIOUS!! and the guy in dreadlock is pretty funny, he keep entertain us until we back to the land. Awesome trip ever. WORTH to do it!! Maybe one day I'll back to Cairns and study Advanced course with them. From: Nitiwat Joe

, 1 2015

Awesome experience! J. Wall, our instructor, was very patient with my wife who was struggling with one of the skills that we needed to learn in order to be certified. The company focuses very heavily upon safety and making sure everyone can take care of him/herself when diving. The open water dives were beautiful and amazing things were scene. IF you get seasick, make sure you prepare for that, as it takes at least an hour via boat to get to the different reef sights. My wife and I loved it. Thanks, J!

, 4 2014

This is a great combination to learn about diving and to see the great barrier reef. I had a very nice time and you really make new friends. Our dive instructor Nick was the best: always friendly for everyone, funny and they dive 'by the rules', which gives you trust for your next step. Every next half a day is a new step/challenge. You feel confident because you learn what to do. In this way you will appreciate the great barrier reef much more than lets say an introductory dive, where you might feel insecure. They also care (and make you care) about nature and wildlife at the reef, which is important when you go diving. (april 2014)

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