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半日または終日のエクスカーションで、グレートバリアリーフを満喫しませんか。ヘリコプターとボートで移動するため、時間を最大限に有効に使うことができます。 世界有数のサンゴ礁のツアーを3つのオプションから選択して、シュノーケリングとスキューバダイビングをお楽しみ下さい。 ヘリコプターからはグレートバリアリーフの絶景を堪能できます。世界でも指折りの自然の驚異を、さまざまな角度から眺めることができます。



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, 10 2018

La experiencia fui muy buena. Nos recogieron en el hotel y nos llevaron al puerto para hacer la entrega de los bonos. Llagamos al barco y nos conducen a la zona para explicarnos y rellenar los formularios de las inmersiones. Por poner algo que mejorar, tendrían q hacer algún panfleto o carta en español para explicar la organización de las inmersiones, horarios de las actividades, comidas, etc, aunque el personal es muuuy amable y agradable, no estaría mal un papel en español para centrarte un poco en la experiencia, estábamos muy emocionados y algo nerviosos, y nos costó al principio entender todas las indicaciones. Hicimos una sola inmersión, la primera, no queríamos cansarnos mucho ya q teníamos mucho viaje aún por delante. La inmersión fue genial (estábamos ya certificados como open water diver), de las mejores que hemos hecho, las guías fueron maravillosas!!!! La comida empueza a las 11:00 am... (no comento lo que significa para los españoles el horario) Después hicimos algo de snorquel, y nos preparamos para el paseo en helicóptero... una verdadera pasada!!!! Expectacular!!!! Hay que hacerlo!!!! Nos llevaron al aeropuerto (éramos el último grupo de vuelo) y de ahí nos llevaron al hotel. Tenemos unas fotos y vídeos IMPRESIONANTES!!!!

, 4 2018

It was amazing! The staff were very friendly and helpful! It was the first time for us to go on snokerlying. And it was our first time to travel on a helicoptor. The view of the reef was amazing! My youngest son get to sit on the frong of the helicoptor, it was a wonderful experience for him.

, 3 2018

Altamente recomendado, tuve la oportunidad de bucear en la Gran Barrera de Coral, una experiencia inolvidable. Los miembros de la tripulación fueron muy amables en todo momento.

, 1 2018

Amazing! I highly recommend this tour. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.. a great way to see the reef, especially if you get see sick!

, 10 2017

This rating was difficult for me because right off the bat, Down Under Cruise and Dive were asking for money everywhere drinks, wetsuits, which you don't need, cameras, etc.. It really bugged us. We selected the all day cruise out and helicopter back w/Nautilus, the latter of which I HIGHLY recommend. In fact, due to unseasonable weather rough, rainy, the heli ride SAVED our trip.

On the way out, which takes at least 90 minutes, 3/4 of our boat was sick...and I mean sick, with the rest of the passengers simply green. The staff helped some, but it was a disaster due to weather. Very rocky. The first snorkeling area was rough and staff suggested many wear lifejackets, which wasn't conducive to floating on your stomach. Just take a noodle! The water was warmer than the air, and I didn't need a wetsuit even though I usually get cold.

Flying home was always planned, and required us to reserve weeks in advance since it fills up and only a few fit in the helicopters. If your budget allows it, DO IT, particularly if you're not much of a snorkeler. Even in bad weather, the view of the reefs is AMAZING, so I can only imagine what's it's like with the sun shining!

What bothered me the most was the nickel and dime approach to all the extras, even if weather was good. The lunch was okay, but most didn't eat much and the shrimp had to be peeled by the eater. A tip is to reconfirm your p/u location with the company. We were in Palm Cove and originally the choices didn't include our hotel but they all work together so check it out.

Finally, when I tried to confirm that the trip was still on we had rain, thunder and lightening all night w/o letting up, the phone rang then cut my line off. I suggest Viator recommend that each company should have a message on their machine rather than dropping calls before 7AM, no matter what the weather!

, 8 2017

The team onboard were amazing. Having a marine biologist on board is another big plus. Highly recommended.

, 6 2017

Best way to see the Reef! Yes, it is a little pricey, but it is totally worth it! If you are at all worried about getting sea-sick this is the way to go. Years ago I tried to view the reef from Cairns, but really had no idea of how long the boat ride was, and how choppy the waters could be. I tried taking precautions, but they didn't work, especially while trying to get some air but having to stand downwind from a cigar smoker! By the time we got to the reef for snorkeling, I couldn't even get in the water. Luckily we had another opportunity to see the Reef while at Hamilton Island, it was only by helicopter. At that time, we thought it was pricey, but less than the heli/cruise today! This time, I wasn't going to take a chance, and it worked out well. Seeing the GBR from the air is amazing in itself, something the cruises can't show you. The 25 minute ride was smooth, and closer to reaching the landing platform, the pilot explains what you are seeing. By the time you have been briefed on the equipment and procedures, you have about and hour and an a half of water/snorkeling time. It does go by quickly, but I noticed that some of the the passengers that had done the full day cruise and had already snorkeled in a different area, didn't stay in the water the whole time. Be prepared for beauty overload! The cruise back turned out to be fine, though we did have rough waters for just enough time to start to experience that feeling, but luckily, we weren't in it long. My advice to anyone who wants to have an amazing Reef Adventure, is to book this package. Nautilus Aviation was great, and the Down Under Cruise staff was too! If you think you won't have enough snorkel time, my advice is to do this one first and then if you need more, book another cruise.

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