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, 1 2018

Absolutely THE best trip to go on if you love wildlife and nature. Paul, the guide and owner of the company, is brilliant, has a wealth of knowledge and is passionate about what he does. He really, really made the experience very memorable. We saw animals and birds during the afternoon and evening that we didn't expect to see and as it is a small group tour it really is all the more special as you can share the experience with just a few like-minded people. We also experienced the Southern Hemisphere night sky in total darkness where you really can appreciate the night sky with its millions of stars and a very useful App!. A definite MUST DO excursion if you get the opportunity.

, 12 2017

Good tour, but it's not for experienced travelers if you've been in real trips of Indonesia/Thailand in the jungle.
Don't expect you'll go further to jungle than 100 meters from where you parked : .

During the trip you will drive between 4-5 known spots where particular animals live and make short stops to see them.

While it's a good value for the price - just be aware that you're not going to 8 hour long expedition to the jungle that was my mistake thinking so, and nobody here commented on the real flow of the tour.

, 10 2017

This tour was amazing!

, 8 2017

That was a really amazing day !!! Paul knows perfectly the area and the animals to see. We've seen so much all day long: platypus, wallabies, possums, etc. So much to dicover for a wildlife lover !!! I highly recommend this tour :.

, 7 2017

Wallabies, possums, king fishers, ibis, rainbow lorikeets, flying foxes, turtles, worms, a caterpillar, platypus, micro bat... we spotted a lot of animals on this exciting trip! Unfortunately, we had had bad weather for the last 5 days and it was still rainy so it was hard to hear/see more. I wish we had also seen tree kangurus, snakes, frogs... which were mentioned. I think our guide was also a bit disappointed but they remained jolly. We were told tons about the rainforest and the areas we drove through throughout the trip.

We had a good dinner have the rib filet if you fancy beef! and we saw the Curtain Fig, which is an incredible tree. I also appreciated the personal touch at the end: our guide played the music of their friend on the way back in the bus, which was very pleasant. I'm glad I chose this tour!

, 5 2017

Our guide Paul found many Australia animals and gave us knowledge about each one and plants/tee we can across. We saw a tree kangaroo, platypus, 3 different types of possums,leaf tail gecko, forest dragon, chameleon gecko, and bats flying above. We really enjoyed this tour and saw some amazing animals.

, 10 2016

We found this trip great. It was so good being able to see so many endangered animals. Paul was so good at spotting them. Thank you

, 10 2016

Excellent tour with very knowledgeable guide. We saw a lot of animals and enjoyed the experience.

, 8 2016

I chose this tour because I have an interest in nature and wildlife and I thought the nocturnal aspect sounded more interesting than just another scenic railway. I was not disappointed. I, my husband, and our 2 teen sons had a great time. We saw wallabies, megabats, microbats, tree kangaroos, platypus, many birds, 2 kinds of possums, bandicoots, giant huntsman spiders, a leaf-tailed gecko, green ants, and more. We also learned a lot about various plants and the landscape and history of the area, and got to swing on jungle vines. The twisty mountain roads didn't cause problems for anyone in our group and the scenery was lovely. Paul, the guide, was funny and knowledgeable, and dinner was not bad. Highly recommended.

, 7 2016

Paul was wonderfully knowledgeable about the wildlife and culture in this area. We had children with us, and he was particularly helpful with them.

I would recommend Paul and Wait-A-While unconditionally.


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