ボルドー, フランス

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  • ボルドーから行くメドックワイン日帰りツアー
  • メドックワイン産地の名高いシャトーを3ヶ所訪れて、ワインの試飲を楽しみます
  • 1855年のワインの公式格付けにより、メドック産の赤ワインの名声は高まりました(ボルドーワインの最上位にランク付けされました)
  • ワイン醸造の様子をじっくり観察しましょう。合わせてワインと食べ物の合わせ方も学びましょう。
  • 2番目に訪れるシャトーでは、伝統的なフランス料理をお楽しみください。ガイドや仲間のワイン愛好家の方たちとご一緒にどうぞ。

1855年のパリ万国博覧会で、初めての地域ごとのワイン格付けがどのようにして行われたかを知りましょう。ナポレオン三世がワイン質の違いを区別することを望んだため、この格付けが行われました。1855年の公式のボルドーワインの格付けは、ワイナリーの生産するワインの質に応じて行われました。 この日帰りツアーでは、3ヵ所のワイナリーを訪れ、1855年の格付けを未だ使用しているワインを試飲します。
最初のワイナリーでは、テロワールといった地理的な要素や天候などがどのように ワインに影響するかを学びます。ボルドーの有名なワインに使用されている多様なブドウについて詳しくなりましょう。メドックの地域では特にカベルネソーヴィニヨンが使われています。ワインのラベルのフランス語の読み方、食事への合わせ方、ワイン作りの過程を学びます。
ツアーで訪れるワイナリーは変更になる場合があります。以下のリストのうち3ヵ所に行くこととなります:シャトー・プリューレ・リシーヌ、シャトー・レオヴィル・ポワフェレ、シャトー・ランシュ・ヴァージュ、シャトー・ラグランジュ、シャトー・カントナック・ブラウン、シャトー・ラスコンブ、シャトー・カマンサック、シャトー・ブラネール・デュクリュ、 シャトー・ランシュ・ムーサ、シャトー・ピション・ロングヴィル・バロン、シャトー・ブラーヌ・カントナック、シャトー・カントメルル。



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, 9 2017

The voucher redeem instruction needs be more clear. Nowhere on the instruction told we should go tourist office to print the actual ticket.

, 10 2016

After 4 or 5 previous small group wine tours in BDX, I was very pleased with the wineries visited, including one 2d growth. The Viator guide and the winery guides were very good, providing a lot of information in fluent French and English. I recommend this tour highly.

, 6 2016

This tour was good for a large group tour.

, 6 2016

Fantastic tour, exceeded my expectations. Not only were the Chateaus chosen were grand and impressive, but the reception was elegant, the tour itself extremely informative, and the host very gracious. The guide and driver were professional and very helpful. Thank you for a great memory.

, 7 2015

I have to say I had much higher expectations for this tour. I specifically came to Bordeaux to visit left bank and had a nice visit but could have been better. To start, we were to meet at the tourism office. We arrived well in advance and no one knew anything about Viator. We nearly missed the tour until we realized that we were with a large group mixed with another tour company on a coach. No one called our names, no one looked for us. Not off to a good start.

The first winery was pleasant, the second excellent. No complaints about the lunch. Very well done.

The 3rd winery was a complete waste of time. I'm not sure why you would take us to a Grand Cru winery that specializes in Merlot on a left bank tour....clearly I will go to St Emillion for this.

The tour promises English...and it is available but the tour is both French and English so you have to hear everything twice. And some of the English content was lost. At the second winery the host did not feel comfortable speaking English so didn't....at first our tour guide was whispering the translation until another guest insisted that we be able to hear the whole thing in English....a little frustrating that we would need to insist.

Lastly, from the picture it looks like your going to visit really beautiful chateaus. I was disappointed that none of the ones we visited were anything to look at from the outside. We did pull off the road in the bus for 30 seconds so we could take a picture through the glass of the bus.

It was okay....the lunch really saved the tour for me.

, 6 2015

Excellent guide. very informative trip. The lunch was delicious and there was an opportunity to taste some Grand Cru Classe top growth wines. I highly recommend this tour. good value

, 10 2014

A large bus of people, not as intimate as I expected. The guide appeared irritated with having to lead another wine tour.

, 9 2014

Lovely day great guide .

, 8 2014

Good,especially the vist on Branaire Ducru, where we got an excellent lunch at the chateau with excellent wines and a professional presentation. But also Chateau Lascombe and Lynche-Bages gave good presentations. Unfortunately none of the Chateaus gave tastings on mature wines or good years.

Downside was that it was announced as an English speaking tour, but much time was spend on 2 (out of 23) only French speaking guests.

Additionally, the tourguide didn't add value,and spend much time on smalltaking with the frenchspeaking guests and the Chateau representatives- much of which didn't make it to the English translation.

With a good guide, the tour might have been worth the cost.

, 11 2011

Wonderful tour and a great value with visits and tasting to top Chateau. A great tour for new visitors to the Left Bank. The lunch was fantastic and the choice of Chateau just wonderful. All in all just a perfect start to our first visit to Bordeaux.

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