Kailua-Kona, ハワイ島

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clock-o12時間 (平均所要時間)
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コナ発のハワイ火山国立公園冒険ツアー  ハワイ島の向こう側で火山国立公園を冒険するツアーにお連れいたします。  サドルロードでのドライブでは片方にマウナ・ロア山、もう片方にマウナケア山を見ることができる素晴らしい景色を楽しむことができます。  このツアーでは虹の滝、リチャードソン黒砂海岸、名所バニヤンドライブ、リリウオカラニ公園、マウナロア マカダミアナッツ工場、アカツカ オーキッド ナーサリー、ハワイ火山国立公園、サーストン溶岩トンネル、キラウエア・イキ・クレーター、トーマス・ジャガー博物館を訪れます。日没時、とても壮大な眺めを見ることができます。



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, 1 2018
, 1 2018
, 1 2017

Awful trip. The van broke down and when the driver called the company for help, the answer I could overhear was it's your van, it's your problem, so we were stuck at the van for one hour until the driver was able to contact one of his buddies to give us a ride back to the hotel. Overall I give 5 stars to the driver, 3 stars to the trip too many unnecessary stops and 0 stars to the company.

Finally, I would not call this trip adventure, unless buying candy and orchids is the most challenging thing you can think about.

, 8 2016

We loved this trip! Our guide Mickey was very informative and a really nice person. We had considered hiring a car to see the Volcano area but are glad we chose a tour as we drove through heavy rain on our return trip. The volcano was incredible.

, 7 2016

This is a tough review to write. For content, we would give a 5. The volcano expert accompanying the driver knew his stuff. This pretty much saved the day. You will visit all places highlighted in the tour, but no views of flowing lava. Amazing views though. Ok, now for the ugly -- the vehicle the provider used was totally inappropriate for a 10-12 hour day for more than 4 people. Think Joe the Plumber's van with windows - seriously! Try riding in and climbing in and out of the back two rows all day long. Totally lacking!! They have nerve really. Oh, the driver couldn't even find his way back to the resort without help from us. If not for the technical quality of the tour, this view would have been a 1. We usually go direct to Viator when booking tours, having confidence in the quality of their providers. This one definitely has us rethinking our loyalty to the brand. Also, no real time frame given at a stop - so you know how that goes someone always takes far longer while the rest wait.

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