Kailua-Kona, ハワイ島

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clock-o2時間 30分 (平均所要時間)
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ハワイに来たら、ぜひ体験してください! ネオンの光の下で、これほど近くでマンタを見たり、他の海洋動物にエサをやったり、触れあったりする機会はまたとないでしょう。 水平線に日が沈むのを眺め、優雅に泳ぐ美しいマンタと一緒に夜のシュノーケリングを楽しむという、思い出に残る魔法のような時間をぜひ味わってください。



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, 1 2019

Mantas are within inches from you. The crew did everything they could to accommodate us. Nice boat too!

, 11 2018

Nate and Shawn (sp??) were absolutely amazing!! Good directions, instructions, very helpful, and what an experience we had!! Had a total of 7 manta ray's feeding during our time there!! Thanks again guys!! Memories my family will forever cherish!! Excited to spend time on the water with you all for our day snorkel, lunch, and hope to see some dolphins!!

, 11 2018

The night snorkeling with Hand Loose team is really nice experience!! We do saw lot os Mantas Ray swiming very close to us, so amazing!

, 9 2018

Everything about this trip was awesome. They took us out to a great spot. Watched the sunset. They were very clearly aiming to give us the best possible experience. We say seven mantas while we were out there, closest one was just a foot or so away, doing barrel rolls under us. Then they took us out to see the stars.

, 8 2018

This was an amazing experience. Our whole family went, and a couple of us stayed in the boat while the others did the actual snorkeling. The currents were not just right, so at first there were no rays, but our crew made sure that we followed the current and saw the rays. I would definitely recommend this to anybody when visiting Kona. Great trip!

, 8 2018

Awesome crew, they explained everything clearly, beautiful sunset, we saw several Manta Rays. The only thing that I would have like different is entry into the water. Everyone got in and I felt like I was fighting for room on the light board and got kicked several time by other people when trying g to find a spot. Maybe a little more coordination would be better when there is a full boat.

, 8 2018

It was good chance to see such a big fish vividly. Kind and professional staff helped understand it and enjoy it . Very good!

, 8 2018

This turned out to be the highlight of our vacation. We were lucky to see a group of manta rays. They were so close and actually contacted us several times. It was unbelievable. The crew was really nice and made our experience thrilling and relaxing. Absolutely love it!

, 7 2018

Ein wirklich unvergessliches Erlebnis mit tollem Team! Sehr zu empfehlen!!!
Wir hatten leider an dem Tag keinen schönen Sonnenuntergang, was aber dem Ereignis ansich keinen Abruch tat. Die Mantas kommen einem unglaublich nah ;)

, 7 2018

My husband and I were so impressed by this tour! The manta rays are so beautiful and graceful as they are looping in front of you! At first we were apprehensive if we would even see manta rays, but within a few minutes we had three feeding inches from us. The crew was helpful and knowledgeable and provided plenty of snacks. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a unique adventure!

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