Kailua-Kona, ハワイ島

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clock-o4時間 (平均所要時間)
comment使用言語: 英語


セットツアー: 野生のイルカと泳いで、ケアラケクア湾でシュノーケリング! 

この4時間のエクスカーションでは、クック船長のモニュメントがある美しい海洋保護区、ケアラケクア湾を訪れます。この美しいサンゴ礁は、600種以上の海洋生物の宝庫です!  湾を海岸線に沿って移動する間に、停泊して人懐っこい野生のハシナガイルカと泳ぎます。 おすすめのシュノーケリングスポットに到着するまで、以下のような快適な船旅をお楽しみください!  
  • 船のモデルは46デルタで、ゆったりとしたスペース、陽射しを避けられるキャビン、遮蔽物のない眺めを堪能できる上部デッキ、広々とした船首と船尾を備えています。 
  • 船内トイレつき 
  • 溶岩流や海岸洞窟などカイルア コナの絶景
  • クック船長のモニュメントと、島の歴史と文化のなかで重要な役割を果たした湾のすばらしい眺め 



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, 10 2018

My family and I went on the dolphin snorkel trip and loved it. The boat maneuvers to the area where the dolphins are swimming through. You jump in the water and swim with them. Some playfully come closer and even jump out of the water. Later we went to the Captain Cook area to snorkel with fish. We were so exhausted but it was so much fun!

, 8 2018

It was a great crew and the small size of the boat and small number of people on board made it fast to get in and out of the water so we could make multiple stop to see the most dolphins possible.

, 2 2018

One of the most amazing experiences of my life. We swam twice with the dolphins, saw two pairs of whales and heard them sing too. The snorkeling spot was a little underwhelming, but seriously after swimming with dolphins twice who cares. The boat and the crew were fabulous and really knew their stuff. Did I mention we swam with the dolphins twice!!! Floating around in the ocean with dolphins surrounding you is breathtaking. Our Uber driver didnt drop us in the right spot, so make sure you dont get out until you can see the Biteme fishing shop.

, 6 2017

Best trip ever. Everyone enjoyed swimming with the dolphins. Even though it took several attempts, the Captain and JJ were able to catch up with the dolphins so that we were able to swim with them. Our non-swimmer was also able to see the dolphins jumping out of the water and swim around the boat. In the ocean, JJ was great in pointing out the other sea life. Would recommend this trip with Bite Me Sportfishing highly.

, 1 2017

we were 6 total so we didn't spend a bunch of time getting ready and listening to rules. Our Captain took us right out to where the dolphins were swimming and we enjoyed at least an hour of swimming amongst them. My daughters were able to swim fast enough that when the dolphins came up, they were surrounded! Then she took us to her 'special' cove and we snorkeled, no other people around, so many beautiful fish! I would do this again!!!!!

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