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  • 歴史体感ベルリン4時間ウォーキングツアー
  • プロイセン王国、帝国主義、ナチスから冷戦時代までベルリンの歴史を知ることができます
  • ブランデンブルク門、国会議事堂、ホロコースト記念碑、チェックポイント・チャーリー、テロのトポグラフィーを訪問します
  • ベルリンの壁沿いやウンター・デン・リンデンを歩きます
  • ポツダム広場とフリードリヒ通りでは、現代的で都会的なベルリンの景色をご覧ください

ハッケシャー・マルクト駅でガイドと合流し、ツアーが始まります。ベルリンの歴史の概要、また激動の戦争時代から現代までの道のりを移動中に聞くことができます。パリ広場 、ブランデンブルク門、ベルリン王宮をつなげるウンター・デン・リンデンを歩きます。19世紀までに、この美しい通りはベルリンで一番有名な場所となりました。ベルリンの境が西に広がると共に、長くなっていきました。









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, 11 2018

We had a fantastic experience on our 4 hour walking tour this October. Our guide David or as he preferred Dave was very pleasant with a great sense of humour ...he was punctual and gave us a comprehensive and informative guide visiting all the mainattractions. The information he gave us set the tone for the remaining stay in Berlin. We would highly recommend this tour.

, 10 2018

This was a very informative tour. Laura our guide communicated everything so passionately and clearly. Great tour to start off your time in Berlin

, 10 2018

This was a brilliant tour! Beth was our guide for the morning and she was extremely knowledgeable and had a great sense of humour! She started by giving us a very comprehensive overview of the history of Germany, which laid a good foundation for the rest of the tour. Her approach as a guide was fantastic, she encouraged us to explore the memorials and then discussed how they made us feel afterwards. We really enjoyed this tour as it gave us a good overview of the city, both in finding our way around and in a historical context. I would definitely recommend it!

, 10 2018

Tobi was great tour guide. He was extreme personable, knowledgeable, and able to answer the many questions that were posed. Can’t thank him enough for such a positive experience and its benefit to us as we continued to explore Berlin. If you are lucky enough to get Tobi as a tour guide, you’ll have a great time!Thanks to Tobi andViatir!

, 9 2018

Passeio muito bem organizado, deu uma boa perspectiva de Berlim. O nosso guia, Sebastian, era particularmente simpático além de profundo conhecedor da história de Berlim. Valeu a pena!

, 8 2018

Ryan took my wife and I along with a group of about 20 people through Berlin. It was a delight. He was cordial, professional, knowledgable about the city and its history, and very funny. Ryan gave us ample time to explore on our own and alotted about 30 minutes for us to explore downtown near Checkpoint Charlie. He took us to all of the spots named in the description and had really informative information about each and every sight. He weaved in modern, Cold War, 3rd Reich, and Imperial German history into his tour, spanning centuries of historical events in this one tour. We loved it and would highly recommend it. We only spent 2 days in Berlin and this was a great way to see a lot of the city in an afternoon.

, 8 2018

Xavier made our trip enjoyable and we learned a lot about Berlin. Highly recomend him. He knows alot about
German history past and present.

, 8 2018

What an incredible way to see Berlin and hear about the rich history!

, 7 2018

This tour basically accomplished our purpose of getting an intro to the city on one of our first days. Positives: visited main sites as described, fast paced. Opportunities for improvement: Kevin was a bit cranky on the day we went; dismissive of some sites (i.e. Checkpoint Charlie); and too large a group.

, 7 2018

Laura was an amazing tour guide. She really knew her stuff and encouraged us to ask questions, give opinions, and to creatively open our minds.

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