Beijing, 中国

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  • 北京・胡同(路地)4時間のプライベート・フード・ウォーキングツアー
  • 喧騒から離れた胡同(路地・横丁)を観光
  • 豪華中華料理20種類以上を堪能
  • 現地料理店のオーナーと会い、近隣について学びましょう
  • 近隣の物産市場を見学
  • 数世紀前の北京の建造物を見学、伝統の生活様式を体験
  • 知識豊富なプライベートガイドおよび料理試食込み



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, 10 2018

We enjoyed a night tour of the Hutongs with our guide Jimmy. His highly personable nature and ease with English made for a wonderful experience. We were able to sample a variety of the local fare, including a modern hot pot, traditional hand stretched noodles, and a surprising lamb kebab and naan. The tour included some wonderful street fare, including a stop for some delicious pastries and a tasty savory pancake. And mixed in were a few local (unusual from and American perspective) dishes promoting good health. Jimmy was very accommodating to our preferences, and we really enjoyed exploring the local streets of Beijing with the assurance of a guide at our side to make sure we could find our way back to the hotel.

, 7 2018

Jimmy was a great tour guide and very accommodating! We enjoyed all of the food we got to sample and the information he provided about the area we walked through. Would definitely recommend this tour!

, 5 2018

I had a great time with Becky on my Beijing Food Tour. She picked me up at my hotel and took me to a variety of restaurants and stalls where the lokals eat. She catered the choice of dishes to my preferences while daring me a few times and explained everything along the way. I even got a little lesson on chinese history and writing. I recommend this tour if you want to get a good overview of what to order and eat in Beijing. I did it on my first day and went back to a few places during the remainder of my stay.

, 2 2018

We had a fantastic time on our tour with Qing. Not only was the food delicious or at least adventurous... but her historical knowledge, wit, and cultural insights were wonderful too. Can't recommend it highly enough!

, 11 2017

It was a small tour with just 3 of us but had a good time trying all the different foods a bit further out Dongsi Station from the middle Tianamen. Tried a bunch of soups, noodles, dumplings, and local delicacies! One of our favorite tours in Beijing for sure.

, 4 2017

Our tour guide, Roy, had immense knowledge about the hutong around Beijing. He took his time to walk us through all of the dishes we were eating, the region/province in China in which it originated, and the cultural significance of the dish. Some dishes may seem intimidating for Western stomachs, but everything was delicious especially the soups! Roy was very approachable, intelligent, and spoke great English. We took this tour our first morning in Beijing and it was the perfect experience to kick off our trip and inspired us to explore many hutong all around Beijing. A must-do when visiting!

, 10 2016

I highly recommend this tour. It was fun and informative. We really enjoyed ourselves.

, 6 2016
, 5 2016

If you are interested in seeing how local Beijingers catch some grub check this tour out. The Hutong or neighborhood we visited was right next door to our hotel on WANGFUJING St and yet a world away. We tried all kinds of dishes that I would have never even known about had I not taken to tour. WARNING: read the list of dishes you will try in the details section, not at all for those who are not adventurous! You can pass on certain items, but you will miss out on all the fun if you skip too many. The tour guide is wonderful and as local as you can get she even took us to her home under renovations in the hutong for a real close look. Great memories and a wonderful learning experience.

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